Who Are The SororiTea Sisters?

The SororiTea Sisters started out as a place where LiberTEAS and TeaEqualsBliss could post their reviews and/or ramblings about tea and it has since become so much more.  We have grown and sisters have joined our SororiTea!

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Anne (LiberTEAS) is a stay-at-home mom living in the Pacific Northwest.She loves tea and she loves writing – so writing tea reviews enables her to bring these two great loves together.
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Co-Founder/Co-Creator of Sororitea Sisters at Sororitea Sisters
Jennifer (TeaEqualsBliss) is in her mid-30s and lives in the eastern snowbelt area of the US with her husband, 2 dogs, and cat (however the number of furkids can change at anytime as she LOVES providing a forever home for many shelter animals.Her several interests including music, movies, vegetarianism, sports, traveling, collecting Baseball Cards and Unicorns, Radio, Computers, Crafting, and of course…TEA.She started drinking tea at the tender age of 3 thanks to her Grandmother and her love for tea has gotten stronger with each year!In addition to being a co-founder/co-creator of Sororitea Sisters - her main site is MyBlissfulJourney.com.She also contributes to news.therawfoodworld.com and articles and recipes for a few health food companies in the US.Find out more about Jennifer on MyBlissfulJourney.com.
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Hello, my name is Kayleigh. My username shows two of my passions in life, I love cats and I love tea. Being British I have grown up in a tea loving country and have been drinking it since I was very young. In my late teens I ventured on a tea discovery to taste many different teas and learn in the process. My goal is still the same and though I wouldn't say I'm a novice I do still have more to learn. While I roam the World of tea; aided with cats by my side, I welcome you to join me. Let's learn together.
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    Roswell Strange

    Kelly (Roswell Strange) is a nearly twenty year old living alone - err, almost alone, there's that annoying roommate after all, in a new city for the first time. She's a vegetarian, and "artsy type" obsessed with rubber ducks and, what else, tea! If she had her way instead of living with a roommate she'd be living with sixteen cats, four dogs, and a gerbil. She is located in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada.
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        teaequalsbliss says:

        @ Dave :
        Western New York…but my Grandmother had a German/French background but her husband (my grandfather who I never met, unfortunately he passed away before I was born) was Norwegian and My grandmother was “Norwegian my marriage” (I guess you could say)…in addition to her natural German/French background. Hope that makes sense! LOL

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        imbapromotion says:

        Hodwy sisters! ))

        Can you please help me with a little offtopic question?

        Can you please esplain how to modify “What is This Place” and “Misc” text field (on the right side) on that wordpress template?

        Where should i find this in my dashboard setting?!

      3. Nancy Prokosh says:

        Hi Jennifer and Anne:
        I read your review on the French Canadian Maple Tea that I had sent and was very pleased with your comments. I will post your review on my site and if you would like to try any other tea that I carry, please do not hesitate to ask and again thank you for your great comments!
        Happy tea tasting!
        Nancy Prokosh
        Teailcious Tea Company

      4. Doreen Lockard says:

        Hi there sisters!

        I found your cool blog and have been reading your reviews and they are really fun and I have tried some new things. I would love to send you some samples from my tea company to try! May you email me an information kit and I will send out samples and our company information!

        Keeping sipping. Here in MA in 12 degrees

      5. Huxley Spark says:

        Hi Jennifer, Anne, Joely,

        My name is Huxley and I’ve made a book for National Hot Tea Month to help tea drinkers be more familiar with Matcha and Puerh. One of its best lessons is that it helps the reader determine if the Matcha or Puerh she has found is good quality or not instead of buying it and having a bad experience. Can you help me get more tea drinkers on steepster be aware of my book, Lessons in Matcha and Puerh. I could send a copy for you to review.


      6. Kate Aird says:

        Hi Anne, Joely and Jennifer,

        I just wanted to send you a personal note to say thanks for following us on Twitter and that I have spent way too much time on your blog this evening! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as pumpkin cheesecake tea!

        Are you still doing email alerts? The subscribe button doesn’t have a sign up form. Not the end of the world as I’ll get your twitter alerts but if you do get the email subscription working again give a shout! Thanks.


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