Pomegranate Black from 52Teas. . . .

Let me start by saying I love flavored black teas. Fruity, chocolately, spicy, you name it. So, I was stoked to try this one. It’s certainly not anything that will blow your socks off, but is more of a solid contender for a daily spring or summer tea.

Flavored teas are really only as good as the base upon which they’re built, so I was glad that this black tea base had a mild flavor. The pomegranate is a light, clean berry-ish flavor that’s more of a scent of the tea rather than a full-blown flavor. I also added just a touch of agave to bring out the sweetness of the fruit. It was a nice complement to the irresistible, ever-famous boxes of cookies that the little girls in green peddle each year around this time.

Overall, Pomegranate Black by 52 Teas is a simple, non-adventurous tea that begs to be paired with sweets for a mid-afternoon treat or as slight twist on iced tea to be served at lunch with friends.

I would certainly drink it again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:    52Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for the black flavored teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

KoalaTea, aka Nikki, hails from the South where she grew up drinking sweet iced tea to endure the blazing hot summers. That all changed when she studied abroad in Europe and fell into the habit of drinking hot tea daily. She began drinking more and more tea upon her return to the US, and an obsession was born! Among other things, KoalaTea is a mother to her little one year old Koala Bear and wife to a handsome closet tea drinker and LEO. She is a mental health counselor by trade and spends her days working with some of the most incredible individuals in the world.

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