Cherry Chocolate Flavored Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas

Chocolate-CherryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

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Taster’s Review:

Occasionally – perhaps more often than ‘occasionally’ – Southern Boy Teas introduces a flavor that I’m not too sure about.  I find myself wondering how well those flavors will meld with iced tea.

I’ve tried 52Teas (Southern Boy Teas parent company) Cherry Cordial Black Tea as well as their tribute to one of my all time favorite ice creams:  Cherry Garcia.   I enjoyed both of those.  So I didn’t have a problem thinking that the flavors of chocolate and cherry would work with black tea.  But how would this taste as an iced tea?

Well, it tastes like what the name of the tea suggests:  It tastes like a chocolate cherry flavored iced tea!

To brew this, I used the hot brew method, heating 1 quart of water to 212°F and let the “jumbo tea bag” steep for 2 minutes.  Then I repeated the process, letting the second quart steep for 2 1/2 minutes.

With my first few sips, I found myself looking for the chocolate flavors.  You know me, I’m all about the chocolate!  By the time I was finished with my second glass of the tea, I realized that even though the chocolate flavors are a bit lighter here than I would like them to be, the balance works.  It works so well that I didn’t want to stop drinking it!

Right about here is where I’d say something like more chocolate = better.  However, even though the chocolate notes here are not quite as chocolate-y as I would normally like, I find that as an iced tea, the lighter chocolate flavor works.  If this was a hot tea, I’d want more chocolate, definitely.

But I’m enjoying this as it is!  I think that a stronger chocolate flavor – while it would be awesomely delicious – it wouldn’t be as “refreshing” and “thirst quenching”.  I think that a stronger chocolate note would be heavier on the palate.  Here, the chocolate is strong enough to be tasted and enjoyed, but still light enough to be an iced drink that refreshes me.

The cherry is a sweeter cherry note.  Because it melds with the black tea and chocolate notes in a harmonious way, it doesn’t come off as tasting cough syrupy to me.  It is just a light, sweet, fruity note that accentuates the chocolate and black tea.

The black tea is a brisk, invigorating tea that doesn’t overpower the chocolate notes.  Instead, I think that the chocolate and black tea play together very well, creating a slightly creamy, decadent, bittersweet chocolate flavor that melds with the black tea notes seamlessly.

A really tasty iced tea.

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