Vanilla Dulce Black Tea from White Lion

WhiteLionLogoTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  White Lion

Tea Description:

Premium black tea paired with a double dose of vanilla to create a creamy, luxurious tea that will win you over even before the first sip. It may be vanilla, but it’s anything but plain.

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Taster’s Review:

I absolutely love a cup of vanilla flavored tea, so when I read the description of this Vanilla Dulce Black Tea from White Lion, I knew it was one I wanted to try!  A double dose of vanilla?  Yes, please!

And this tea delivers exactly what that description promises:  a sweet, delicious, creamy vanilla taste!   It tastes so smooth and rich and indulgent.  And when paired with the robust black tea that is used in this blend, the result is an almost caramel-y undertone with a vanilla high note.  Mmm!

The black tea is a bold tasting black tea.  The description doesn’t tell me what type of tea is used as the base, but based on the strength of the black tea, I would say that it’s either an Assam or a very high quality Ceylon, because I’m getting lots of malty notes.  There is some astringency to the cup as well, it’s slightly dry toward the finish.

It’s a very solid tasting tea, like something I’d want to reach for as that first cup of the day on the days that I want something bracing to get me invigorated but I also want something luxurious and decadent.  Like those days when I want dessert for breakfast.  This tea would suit that kind of craving perfectly!

I drank this tea hot with no additions and found that it was plenty sweet without adding sugar, so if you are one who typically adds sugar to your tea, you might want to taste this one first to make sure you won’t overwhelm it.  If you want to enhance the creamy factor, you can add a splash of milk and go latte – although I found it rather creamy on its own.  It tastes as though I’m having a latte without the addition of the dairy, so this tea would be great for those who like a creamy, rich cup of tea but are trying to cut back on their dairy!

A really splendid cup of tea – I’m really happy I had the chance to try it!

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