Kenilworth Ceylon Black Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

Kenilworth Ceylon Black Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Simple Loose Leaf

Tea Description:

A satisfying stand alone black tea, this richly robust Kenilworth Ceylon needs nothing to compliment its full-bodied stature. Stronger then our Ceylon Supreme, this fruitier, seemingly apricot flavored, fuller bodied tea exhibits a little tart acidity that lingers on the tongue for a touch of bite. This tea is best served hot or as a strong iced black tea.

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Taster’s Review:

A lovely Ceylon!  I find myself in agreement with the above description provided by Simple Loose Leaf, this is a Ceylon that requires no additions, it is a good, sturdy, robust black tea that has some real heft to it.  This would make a good breakfast tea as well, and I think it would take well to the additions of milk and honey (or sugar – preferably raw! – or for a real treat, try drizzling some real maple syrup in your cup!)

As for here and now, I’ve selected this as a cup of tea to enjoy as my afternoon cuppa, and it is versatile enough to become a brisk afternoon tea as well as that strong first cup or that well-rounded breakfast tea.

It has a very pleasing flavor:  rich with notes of stone fruit.  As the description above suggests, there is a distinct apricot note to this cup.  Toward the finish, I notice a hint of citrus, as if someone added just a drop of freshly squeezed lemon juice to my cup.  The acidic note of the citrus like flavor cuts through the sweeter notes – think molasses! – so that the cup doesn’t become overwhelmingly sweet.

I’m surprised at just how full-flavored this Ceylon is, as I have come to expect a Ceylon to be a milder tasting tea.  This is malty!  Layers of earth and flower lie just beneath the more dominate layers of sweet fruit.

It is a very nicely round, satisfying cuppa that has the ability to become what you want it to be!  An iced tea?  Sure!  Try cold-brewing this one, or if you prefer the hot-brew method, add a sprig of mint to the teapot before you add the hot water or try adding a thin slice of lime to the chilled tea for a truly refreshing drink.  Want a robust breakfast tea?  This tea has that covered too.  A pleasant afternoon tea to share with guests?  Yep, this tea will serve your friends well.  This tea is one of those teas that should be a standard in every well-stocked tea cupboard.

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