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On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Southern Boy Teas Edition!


One thing that I like … that’s different about the 52Teas and now the Southern Boy Teas 12 Teas of Christmas countdown packages is how the teas are packaged.  Previously, the labels for the tea were stashed in the package with the teas so that you wouldn’t know what the tea was until you opened it and could remove the label to put on the sample package.  However, Frank seems to have implemented a “scratcher” type of reveal system now, sort of like the scratcher lotto tickets.  You scratch off the silver coating from the label, and it reveals to you what the tea of the day is.  Pretty cool!

Key Lime Cheesecake Iced Tea

LimeCheesecakeSBTTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Learn more about Southern Boy Teas here.

Taster’s Review:

Given the success that I’ve had with the previous “Lime” flavored iced teas from the SBT collection – Lime Jello and Lime Cola – I was pretty confident that I’d enjoy this Key Lime Cheesecake iced tea too.

And I am enjoying this Key Lime Cheesecake from Southern Boy Teas quite a bit.  The flavor is very bright with the flavor of lime:  tart but not so tart that I’m puckering when I take a drink.  I can also taste the creamy, tangy note of the cream cheese peaking out beneath the lime flavor.  The black tea is not completely hidden behind the flavors, and I appreciate that.  It has a brisk flavor that refreshes and invigorates.

Just as I have been doing with the other iced tea pouches, I cold-brewed this pouch, and I’m very satisfied with the flavor.  In every sip, I get lime, I get cheesecake (although I don’t really taste a lot of pastry or crust here, I do get a hint of a buttery note every once in a while if I really focus on what I’m tasting), and I get black tea.

After I finished my pitcher of cold-brewed iced tea, I resteeped the pouch by hot-brewing it.  I found this second pitcher of iced tea much more flavorful.  The key lime was slightly softer, but there were still plenty of sweet-tart notes from the citrus fruit, and I could taste more of the tangy cream cheese and even more of the crust notes.  The black tea was slightly less apparent in the second pitcher, but it was still discernible.

Overall, I enjoyed the Key Lime Cheesecake iced tea, although I think the Lime Cola and Lime Jello flavors are much tastier.

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