Golden Yunnan Black Tea from In Pursuit of Tea

steepsterselectdecemberTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  In Pursuit of Tea

Tea Description:

This hand harvested black tea is meticulously crafted from a white tea varietal and pile fermented for 45 days.  Truly a labor of love and one of the finest examples of hand-made tea available.

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Taster’s Review:

This is the second tea from my Steepster Select tea that I decided to try:  Golden Yunnan Black Tea from In Pursuit of Tea.   I was very excited to see this company featured in this month’s box (with not just one but TWO teas!) because I can’t recall ever having tried teas from them.  I love it when I’m introduced to new-to-me tea companies!

And this tea is fantastic.  The dry leaf is gorgeous with curly leaves of chocolate brown that are tipped in gold.  Beautiful!  There isn’t a strong aroma to the dry leaf, but the brewed tea smells rich and sweet, with notes of earth, leather and tobacco.

The flavor is complex with earthy notes.  I taste notes of tobacco, malt and honey.  I find that the tobacco is particularly noticeable if I slurp to aerate the sip, and the drying sensation toward the tail of the sip seems to enhance the tobacco notes.  There is an undertone of caramel and a hint of cacao to this cup as well.

A very masculine cuppa.  Toward mid-cup, I start to pick up on notes of leather in the distance.  There is an interesting balance between these savory notes of leather and tobacco and the sweetness of honey, malt, and cacao.

The second infusion is even better than the first!  I don’t say that often about a black tea … in fact, I don’t often take a black tea for a second infusion because it isn’t often that I find one that holds up in the second infusion, but this tea definitely does.

The flavor of the second infusion is sweeter than the first, with the tobacco notes less prevalent.  The earthy tones have softened here, making way for the delicious honeyed caramel notes and rich malty notes of this tea.

A remarkable Golden Yunnan!  I did not find this tea on the In Pursuit of Tea website under Black Teas; however, it does appear that this tea may be available through this samples listing.  This is a must try for Yunnan enthusiasts out there, and really, anyone who appreciates high quality tea!

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