PRODUCT REVIEW: Giant Peach Green Tea & Peach Flavored Juice Blend from Tazo

giantpeachProduct Information:

Peach is such a happy-go-lucky fruit, brimming with golden possibilites.  When it’s mixed with ripe apple and the easy smoothness of green tea,  you can’t help but run barefoot through the tall grass.

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Taster’s Review:

While shopping this evening at my local grocery store, I picked up a bottle of this ready-to-drink Giant Peach Green Tea & Peach flavored Juice Blend from Tazo.  I don’t usually even bother to stop and browse through the supermarket’s selection of RTD teas, because it’s been my experience that these convenient beverages are more sweetener than they are tea.  And I like tea.  I like the taste of it.  I find myself put off a bit when the flavor is overpowered by sweetener.  It’s not just disappointing … it’s almost an insult!

But something about this particular bottle of tea caught my eye.  I think it was because there wasn’t any sediment that had built up at the bottom of the bottle.  This was clear.  I don’t know if that really means anything to any of you.  I just don’t like it when I buy a bottle of anything and all the flavor seems to be settled at the bottom of it, and I have to shake to distribute  this “sediment.”

As far as a Peach flavored Juice blend, this is … well, this is sweet.  It tastes like peach.  It’s sweet.  I taste notes of apple.  It is very fruity.  It’s sweet.  Did I mention that already?  Well, that’s because it’s really sweet.  Too sweet for my liking, but, I guess I can see how some might find this appealing.  Someone who likes sweet drinks might really like this.

As far as a “tea” goes … this isn’t doing anything for me.  I taste next to no tea flavor in this.  And that’s really a very generous statement to suggest that there might be some tea flavor to this.  If I slurp it as I sip, I can pick up hints of green tea-ish taste.  But, it’s very faint.  It’s barely there.  It’s so barely there that it’s not even worth trying to taste it.

This was not a tea drink that was crafted for someone who actually likes tea.  Perhaps I should say that this was not a tea drink that was crafted for me.  You might like it.  If you’re looking for a peach juice cocktail type drink, I think you’ll enjoy this.  If you’re looking for a tea drink with peach notes, I believe that this is going to leave you feeling at least a little disappointed.


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