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Osmanthus Oolong Tea from Driftwood Tea



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Driftwood Tea

Tea Description:

Osmanthus Oolong combines high quality Jin Xuan variety loose leaf tea with fresh osmanthus flowers to produce a most spectacular tea. Handmade and scented using only natural methods this is an example of an aromatic tea that tastes as good as it smells.

Learn more about this Oolong tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve tried a few Osmanthus Oolong teas … but I think that this one from Driftwood Tea might just be the best one I’ve tried thus far!  It is sweet, creamy and absolutely DREAMY!

The dry leaf is very aromatic, and just opening the pouch fills the nostrils with a delightful fragrance that is part fresh cream, part flower, and part sweet fruit! Once brewed, the tea smells sweet, with floral notes and a scent that reminds me vaguely of a milky Oolong.  The fruity aroma is less apparent in the brewed tea than it is with the dry leaf.

The flavor … oh the flavor is amazing.  Ahh-MAZ-ing!  It is sweet but not cloying.  No bitterness whatsoever.  Smooth and supple mouthfeel, with a slight astringency toward the finish.  The aftertaste, I taste a floral note, but during the sip, I taste mostly fruit and cream, with mere hints of flower.  It’s very much like peaches and cream, and yes, I find myself in agreement with my sister Azzrian, there is a similarity to White Rabbit candies.  Imagine those candies with a sweet peach … you would have what I’m tasting here.

But what I love is that even though this tea tastes of candy and sweet, luscious fruit, it doesn’t get sickly sweet on the palate.  The faint astringent note at the tail cleanses the palate … so the aftertaste doesn’t taste overly sweet, and my mouth feels ready for another sip!

This tea is pure enjoyment … something that I could easily drink on a regular basis … YES please!  An absolute pleasure to sip!  And be sure to take this one through its infusions … I got six very flavorful infusions from one measurement of leaves.

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