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Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha from Infussion



Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Infussion

Tea Description:

This is the cream of the crop of Japanese teas, imported directly from Uji, Kyoto. Tea leaves used for producing matcha are shaded for 20 days before the harvest. This guarantees low level of tannins and unusually high antioxidant, caffeine and l-theanine levels. Such leaves produce top potency tea devoid of bitterness. This is the only Camellia Sinensis product that has stems and veins of the leaves removed. Slow, cold grinding using granite mills is needed to produce finest Matcha and it can take up to 1h to produce 30g of this unique tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha from Infussion is absolutely magnificent!  It is so incredibly smooth and sweet!

The powdered tea whisks up to a beautiful, bright jade green liquid with lots and lots of froth that doesn’t disappear quickly!  It stays nice and frothy!  The green tea powder also does not separate quickly the way other Matcha can sometimes do.  It remained incorporated as I continued to sip.

The aroma of the prepared Matcha is sweet and vegetative … redolent of freshly cut grass in the spring … when the grass buds are still new and fresh.  It’s quite lovely.

The flavor is sweet and vegetal, tasting of sweet grass, but also of freshly steamed spinach that has been lightly buttered.  There are faint notes of delectable bittersweet chocolate.  The texture is creamy and smooth with no grit.  The sweetness of this Matcha is really enchanting!

The more teas that I try from Infussion, the more I am impressed with this company!  The quality of their teas is outstanding.  If you like Matcha, this is one that you should try … it’s an excellent Ceremonial Grade Matcha and I love that it’s Organic too!

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