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On the Tenth Day of Christmas, 52Teas Sent to Me …


We are nearing the finish line.  These sampler boxes are a fun way to count down the days until Christmas, especially if you’re like me and have difficulty with time.  I often blame it on the artist in me, but whether or not that is the case, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I have a real issue with the concept of time.

And I bring that up, because, well, an Advent calendar seldom works for me, because I can’t usually wrap my brain around the fact that it’s December 1st when it is.  So, even if my intentions are good and I happen to buy an Advent-type, countdown calender, I probably would end up forgetting about it and not start it until mid-December anyway.  This cuts the time in half for me, I can handle 12 days.  25 days … well, I probably COULD handle it, but, knowing the struggle it would pose for me, I rather not put myself in that situation.

Yes, I’m babbling.  Basically my point is, this kind of countdown – 12 Days of Christmas – works for me.  Even though, technically, the 12 Days of Christmas isn’t actually supposed to start before Christmas and be a “countdown”, but actually, should start on Christmas Day.

Enough already!  Let’s get on with today’s tea, shall we?

Here is the tenth tea of Christmas …


This chai appearing in the box was a very happy surprise, mainly because it was the first chai in the box (and possibly the only chai!) and Chai is just so warm and cozy and comforting that I expected there to be at least one other Chai tea before this, the tenth day.

Assuming that this is the only chai in the box this year, I guess that this is a good choice for that one chai.  It is certainly yummy.  Although, truth be told, I would have selected the Gingerbread Chai which is my favorite chai from 52Teas.  However, since it was last year’s 12th Tea of Christmas, I didn’t really expect it to appear in this year’s box.

But, all that aside, this is a really yummy chai, so long as it is brewed correctly.  The first time I brewed this (it’s been a couple of months now), I brewed it too strong and it caused the Assam to taste really harsh.  Normally, I like to brew my chai really strong, but this is not a normal chai, so don’t treat it as such!

A very flavorful chai, the black tea base is bold and invigorating, the spices do not overpower the delightful flavors of caramel and vanilla.  I wrote my full-length review of this chai back in October, and I think I’m loving this now even more than I did back then, and that just may be because I am enjoying this “latte” and – just as I stated back in October – it is an over-the-top treat.  It is AMAZINGLY good, and even if you don’t think you need to go over-the-top, I do recommend trying it … at least once!

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