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Wild Fresh Buds – Puerh from In Nature Teas


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  In Nature Teas

Product Description:

Wild Fresh Buds – Puerh, hand picked in the high mountains of Yunnan.

This naturally grown tea is a delicacy which is produced and delivered by Mother Nature without any human interference. It is the purest form of tea one can drink. The sweet taste and aroma are a feast and its endless health properties makes it a very special treat for the body, mind and spirit.

Taster’s Review:

This is really unexpected.  Unexpectedly delightful!

The first thing I notice is the aroma – or should I say lack of aroma?  Normally when I open a package of Pu-erh the surrounding air is immediately filled with that distinctive earthy quality.  That didn’t happen this time.  Instead, I was greeted with a very soft, vegetative scent that sort of reminded me of the salad bar when I visit Sweet Tomatoes.

Then I notice the leaves.  They look like dry, white leaf buds.  Very young leaf buds.  Think of the earliest days of spring, when the tiniest of leaf buds begin forming on the trees.  Yes, that is what they look like.  Tiny, white, and covered with fluffy fuzz.

The flavor these soft, delicate leaf buds produce is amazing.  This … THIS? … is Pu-erh?   It tastes like no other Pu-erh I’ve ever tasted.  It tastes light and crisp.  Clean.  Slightly vegetative.  I wouldn’t describe it as earthy, at least, not in the same context as I would describe other Pu-erh teas that I’ve tasted.  There are some earthy tones to this cup but it is more like a vegetal earthiness.

As I continue to sip, the earthy flavors develop slightly, but they never become overwhelming.  What I taste mostly from this tea, though, is sweetness.  The cool sweetness you might expect after biting into a crisp piece of celery.

One of the most surprising and delicious Pu-erh teas I’ve yet to taste!  I like this very much.


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