Anxi Tie Guan Yin from Teasenz

I can’t remember the last time I drank a Tie Guan Yin, which is something of a surprise as it’s become one of my favourite oolong varieties. I was more than pleased when I came across this one, not least because it’s a good opportunity to reacquaint myself. This particular Tie Guan Yin is from the Anxi Nature Reserve in Fujian Province, a major Chinese tea growing region (although one I seem to associate more with black tea than with oolong, strangely enough!) I used 1 tsp of leaf for my cup, and gave it 3 minutes in water slightly Read More


Anji Bai Cha Green Tea from Nan Nuo Shan

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Nan Nuo Shan Tea Description: Anji Bai Cha owns a delicate, soft and relaxing taste, with a light sweet aftertaste. Characteristic of this green tee variety is the colour of the leaves, rather white than green; in Chinese, baimeans white. The lack of pigment is due to the low chlorophyll content of the plant. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: The dry leaf of this Anji Bai Cha Green Tea from Nan Nuo Shan is so beautiful!  It looks almost like pine needles – but it doesn’t smell like it!  It Read More


Organic Dragon Well Green Tea from Canton Tea Co.

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Canton Tea Co. Tea Description: This delicious organic Dragon Well is grown in the hills of Zhejiang Province near Long Jing, the village where this famous tea originated. The green tea leaves are picked young and taken back to the village where the skilled tea masters use their bare hands to press them flat in a hot, dry wok in the traditional way. This arrests the oxidation process and ensures the liquor carries the notes of freshly cut grass, rounded off by a soft, nutty flavour. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Read More


Mrs. Li’s 2014 Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea from Verdant Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Tea Where to Buy:  Verdant Tea Tea Description: Mrs. Li’s father was one of the most respected professional tea tasters in Zhejiang, and a farmer since age 16. Mrs. Li is proud to carry on her father’s tradition of hand picking and roasting pure, organically-produced Dragonwell. The tree covered mountainside tea fields of Mrs. Li are fed by sweet natural spring water from Dragonwell, and are protected from excessive heat or sunlight, creating a sweet and crisp brew with not a trace of bitterness. At the peak of freshness, her tea changes the way that you think about Read More


Zhejiang White Pearls from Steepster

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  White Where to Buy:  Steepster Select Tea Description: Hand rolled from the earliest picked buds, this spring harvest tea is light, refreshing, and incredibly floral. A beautifully soft and golden liquor that will focus your senses and revitalize your spirits. A wonderful example of quality white tea. Taster’s Review: I’ve had white tea pearls a couple of times in the past, but it’s been a while, so I was excited to see these Zhejiang White Pearls featured in this month’s Steepster Select Box!  And these pearls are amazing! The size of these pearls are smaller than I Read More