Peach Black Blend from Zen Tea Bar. . . .

In my recent July tea box from Zen TeaBar, there were four main teas to enjoy.  One particular blend caught my eye instantly, Peach Black Blend, a blend from Zen TeaBar themselves.  So far from what I’ve experienced from Zen TeaBar, they cultivate a tea box for you, allowing you the chance to check out teas from companies you may have never heard of or just haven’t taken the plunge and made an order from.

Peach Black Blend is a brilliant Sri Lankan black tea, dried fruit like papaya and peach, blackberry leaves, and calendula petals.  When I first opened up the pouch of tea, rich peachy notes instantly filled the air.  Team that up with a malty black tea and papaya, you have yourself a wonderful treat.

Brewed with fresh boiled water and allowed to steep for a 3 minutes and allowed to cool for about 5, this tea is a peach lover’s dream.  First sip in and you are greeted with this sweet definite peach flavor with a wonderfully seductive malty black tea background.   Really nice and a great balance between the added in flavor components and the black tea itself.

As an iced tea, I greedily gobbled this tea down.  Still those same black tea malty notes but the peach notes are amped up and really are the driving force yielding such a sweet flavor that makes you want to enjoy the last few days of summer we have in style.

I’m super excited about this tea blend and am sad to say, this pouch didn’t last very long.  But I am quite excited to see if my September box will also feature a Zen TeaBar blend. . .I sure hope so!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Zen TeaBar

Chill out with this beautiful blend of premium Sri Lankan black tea, dried papaya, dried peach, blackberry leaves, sunflower and calendula peals.  It’s wonderful when iced and elegant when hot.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

June ZenTeaBar.Love’s Box of Tea Lovin’ Goodness. . . . .

Adulting has been ever consuming in my life recently, in a good way, but that hasn’t left a whole lot of time to sit back and enjoy gorgeous cups of teas.

Enter June’s ZenTeaBar.Love box of goodies.  If you aren’t familiar with ZenTeaBar.Love, I highly encourage you to check them out.  For $10 a month (that includes shipping), the lovely folks at ZenTeaBar.Love curate a box of tea lovelies that will help reset your soul and get you back on your track.  Hawaii natives, the creators of the ZenTeaBar.Love box want to provide a box of tea that really helps create the perfect zen vibes to create that perfect “zenful” moment.

This month’s box was based on the four seasons.
Summer was represented by Adagio’s Citrus Green.  A lovely simple green tea with a sturdy helping of citrus flavors to keep summer in check.  Brewed up hot, this tea just didn’t resonate well with me but cold brewed- this tea was exactly what I was looking for.   (Included in the box were three conveniently packed tea bags.)
Pumpkin Spice Chai was the perfect choice for a fall tea.  Art of Tea is one of those companies that I absolutely adore. Their teas are always great quality and I can’t help but gobble them up.  This particular take on a pumpkin flavored chai was right up my alley.   Brewed hot and made into a latte, this tea screams all things fall and all things pumpkin.  The pumpkin flavor is spot on with a creaminess that really helps elevates the cuppa.  What I love the most about this tea is that the spices don’t overwhelm the tea like other versions of this tea that I’ve had.    A perfectly blended pumpkin loving tea with a hint of spice.     (Included in the box  was an abundant sample of loose leaf tea in a tin.)
Winter’s tea may have been my favorite. I have tried this tea before but that didn’t disappoint me at all when I saw Chocolate PuErh by Numi Organic Tea.  Chocolate lovers, pay attention.   This tea is one of those teas that just can’t help loving and I’m not even a big chocolate fan.  Brewed hot, this tea has a chocolate creaminess that mixes and mingles so well with the puerh tea.  The earthy tones are subdued by the chocolate but it works so well.  I’ve always been a big fan of this tea.   (Included were three tea bags.)

I’ve always wanted to enjoy a tea from Tea Source so when I noticed Machu Peach-U was in the box to represent Spring, I was excited.  Cold brewed, this white tea is divine.  Gorgeous subtle floral notes with a peach flavoring that definitely has more of a natural peach flavor than other peach flavored teas that I’ve had in the past. A wonderful white peach tea to keep your spirits bright.  (Included in the box was a great sample of loose leaf)

All in all, there was more than 17 cups of tea included in the box.  I should also mention that included in this box was tea bag filters and a bamboo teaspoon.  For the price, this box can’t be beat and the variety is wonderful.  What I love the most is the fact that this may be a way for me to enjoy tea companies that I may not necessarily come across on my own.  Plus they include a lovely tea menu that gives you the low down on where you can purchase more of each of the varieties of teas included in the box.

I can’ wait to see what teas are hand packed with love for July.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  ZenTeaBar.Love

The ZenTeaBar family is completely in love with our connection to nature! Kelly, creator of realized there is more to just a cup of tea. The “ZEN” vibes you feel…that flowing mindfulness, the connection! We should  Zenfully sample teas we love!  During this process, a few questions came about:

-How can we select the perfect tea with all the tea options available today?
-How do we experience the true benefit of a tea leaf?

-How can we share the “ZEN” vibe?

Through this realization is how blossomed.

Our goal is to expand a new way for you to Zen-fully experience teas you love in the most comfortable, elegant way possible.  All of our boxes are individually stamped, folded, and packed by hand; and are infused with our team’s Aloha and good vibes. We’d love to have you along on this ZenTeaBar venture with us!   Mahalo!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!