Yunnan Black from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. . . . .

It’s been a while since I have tried a tea from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. and today I thought I would share their Yunnan Black with you! Their Yunnan Black comes from Lincang which is just a stone’s throw from Burma and home to some of the oldest cultivated tea in the world – according to The Little Red Cup Tea Co. website and product description. The Yunnan Black Tea we are reviewing today is hand picked and tightly rolled but not rolled into balls or pearls but more of a rolled pressed leaf of sorts. The golden Read More


Mini Yunnan Tuocha Mix – Brown Wrapper – from Teasenz #VeganMoFo2016

Vegan MoFo is pimping Monochrome Meals today which means we will be seeing a lot of food that is all based around ONE color so for our Vegan MoFo Tea choice today we are pushing Mini Yunnan Tuocha Mix – Brown Wrapper – from Teasenz. This Mini Yunnan Tuocha Mix – Brown Wrapper – from Teasenz is part of the Teasenz Mini Yunnan Tuocha Mix.  If you purchase the 70 gram TIN for $10.89 you will receive 12 or 13 mini tuo cha.  I think this is a pretty fair price for 12 or 13 mini’s of which you get to Read More


Giant White Moonlight 2015 Spring Jing Gu Tea from Bitterleaf

After sampling at least 5 of Bitterleaf’s teas I guess it’s about time I declared myself one of their fans!  Giant White Moonlight 2015 Spring Jing Gu Tea from Bitterleaf is considered an “anytime tea” and I agree for the most part.  Personally, I look for a ‘smack you in the face’ sort of strong tea first thing in the morning but any other time this one will certainly do well! Giant White Moonlight 2015 Spring Jing Gu Tea from Bitterleaf has tri-colored long leaves.  The aroma while dry is incredibly crisp .  Once infused there is a hint of Read More


2006 Xinghai Golden Peacock Ripe Pu-Erh Tea from Yunnan Sourcing

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Pu-Erh Where to Buy: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Description: A classic Xinghai ripe tea produced from the late 90’s until.  Xinghai tea factory is the 2nd producer of ripe tea in Menghai town (after Menghai tea factory), and has an excellent “wo dui” fermentation process.  Our 2006 Golden Peacock was aged Donguan town in Guangdong.  It’s a “Guangdong dry-stored” tea that has already lost it’s “wo dui” (fermented) taste.  The tea brews up a deep, dark but clear burgundy-brown tea soup.  The taste is sweet with a expansive lubricating taste and feeling in the mouth.  Both subtle and complex Read More


Canton Mini Tuo Cha Cooked Pu-erh from Canton Tea Co.

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Pu-Erh Where to Buy: Canton Tea Co. Tea Description: Our own brand mini tuo cha (nests) are made from authentic chopped puerh leaves from Yunnan, not from the fannings or tea dust as most tuo cha are. We chose a maocha (unprocessed leaf) that has been aged for 4 years, giving the tea a smooth, mellow quality. The leaves are pure Te Ji (aka Tippy Grade), which give a sweeter taste. Brew quickly with hot water in a small pot for up to eight infusions. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: There aren’t many days Read More