Lemon Ginger Cooler from The Whistling Kettle

lemongingercoolerTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh & White Tea

Where to Buy:  The Whistling Kettle

Tea Description:

Crisp, refreshing tea that is great hot, and perfect iced! A Dr. Oz inspired pu-erh / white tea recipe. One of the best teas for weight loss.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have a confession to make.  Well, it’s not really a confession, exactly, but more like a re-affirmation of something that you probably already know.  Pu-erh scares me (nothing new there, right?) but even when I find a Pu-erh that I enjoy, I seldom drink that Pu-erh more than once.  Oh … I reinfuse it, certainly, and I spend a good couple of hours with the Pu-erh, consuming many wonderful infusions from it.  But, once those leaves are spent and discarded, I seldom revisit the same Pu-erh.  Instead, I usually pass what I have left on to other people, so that they can try it.

Or, at least, that’s what I tell myself.  I guess if I were to examine my true feelings more closely, even though I know that I have enjoyed a particular Pu-erh tea, I still find myself apprehensive about it, and it’s not really something that I tend to want to try again … unlike something like say, a yellow tea or an Ali Shan Oolong or even a favorite Earl Grey.  These are teas that I can keep on my shelf and enjoy more than once without apprehension.  But Pu-erh, even though I may enjoy it immensely, I don’t think I’ve found more than a couple of them that I have taken out more than once and tried again.

Perhaps I’m stubborn (don’t tell my husband I admitted that!) and even though I enjoy it, I don’t want to enjoy it.  I don’t know.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, because this particular Pu-erh blend … this is my second time I’ve brewed this blend!  It’s kind of a first for me!  Maybe not an actual “first” … but it’s the first time in a long time that I enjoyed something enough to think “you know what?  I want that again … I want some of that now!”  That doesn’t usually happen with Pu-erh.

That is to say, I like this quite a bit.  It has such a unique balance.  With other Pu-erh blends (that is, Pu-erh blended with other teas … like in this case, white tea leaves), I taste primarily the Pu-erh or a weird (but tasty) fusion of Pu-erh/other tea.  Here, the sip starts out with a distinct white tea flavor that tastes fresh and airy, with notes of a hay-ish vegetation.  Just before mid-sip, the flavor starts to taste more earthy, with a definite Pu-erh taste.

I like what the white tea brings to this cup.  Not just the aforementioned fresh, hay-like, airy taste, but also a fantastic lightness.  The Pu-erh doesn’t overwhelm the palate with earthiness, the ginger doesn’t overwhelm the palate with it’s peppery notes, and the lemon does not overwhelm the palate with a strong citrus-y flavor.  Oh, sure, I taste each of these notes, but, they aren’t inundating.

The lemon is a tad stronger than the ginger … or perhaps I should say that it starts out that way.  The ginger flavor builds as I continue to sip, but it never does reach a very spicy level as ginger is sometimes known to do.  Instead, it warms the cup, and adds a nice contrast to the bright, sunny flavor of the lemon, which is tart but not overly so.

Wow!  Chalk this one up to another WIN from The Whistling Kettle.  I’m really enjoying this.  It surprises me just how much I like it!

Acai Tangerine from The Whistling Kettle

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White & Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  The Whistling Kettle

Tea Description:

Inspired by Dr. Oz and Canadian natural health guru Bryce Wylde, our pu-erh/white tea blend is designed to shrink fat, burn deposits, and prevent new fat from depositing. Tastes excellent hot or iced. The rich smoothness of pu-erh is contrasted with delicate notes of white tea, and accentuated with flavors of acai, tangerine, and chrysanthemum.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

According to the description on The Whistling Kettle’s website, this tea was inspired by Dr. Oz and health guru Bryce Wylde.  To tell the truth, I don’t know who Bryce Wylde is, and I don’t really put a lot of stock in what Dr. Oz says.  I don’t drink tea because it’s healthy or because it is supposed to enhance weight loss.  I drink tea because I like the way it tastes.  If it is also good for me, that’s a bonus, but not one I allow to influence me one way or the other.

And this tastes good!  I’m not usually a big fan of the tart Acai berry, but, when combined with the sweetness of the tangerine, the tartness mellows somewhat, making this a very enjoyable drink, indeed.

There is so much flavor in this cup.  From the deep, mellow, earthy tones of the Pu-erh, to the crisp sweetness of the white tea… combined with the sweet-tart notes of fruit and the hint of floral taste from the chrysanthemum, this cup has a taste that is very palate pleasing.  These different flavors all come together in a way that is very well-balanced.  Nothing competing with anything else, nothing overpowering the cup.  Just smooth, mellow, delicious flavor.

The Pu-erh is what I notice first, but what stands out about this Pu-erh from some others that I’ve tried is that it doesn’t taste overwhelmingly earthy.  It does have an earthiness to it, it is somewhat peaty with a woody note.  It is very mellow, and the softness of the white tea curbs the flavor so that the earthy tones of the Pu-erh do not come across as too strong.  The white tea is not as prominent a flavor, but then again, it shouldn’t be.  White tea has a delicate taste.  But I can taste it:  light, fresh, almost hay-like.  The flavor is slight but where the white tea is primarily noticeable is as a softening agent to the Pu-erh.

The tangerine and acai seem pretty evenly matched.  In one sip, I seem to notice more tangerine, and in the next, I’ll taste a little more berry.  It’s quite lovely the way these two flavors play with one another, very enjoyable, especially for this taster who often finds the tartness of acai to be a bit much.  When paired with the sweet taste of tangerine, it becomes much more palatable.

I’ve tried a couple of blends from this company – The Whistling Kettle – and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried.  And I’m liking this blend a lot!  It’s also really good iced!