Sunrise Sensation from Vampyre Tea Company

SunriseSinsationTea Information:

Leaf Type: White

Where to Buy: Vampyre Tea Company

Tea Description:

White Tea is one of China’s Special Treasures, hand-picked from the youngest and most tender leaf tips and buds grown in the mountains of the Fujian province.  It is sun-dried in a laborious and ancient process that captures more of the tea’s incredible health-benefiting properties.  Our Bai Mu Dan, or more commonly called White Peony, yields a fresh and delicate flavor that blooms like flowers in springtime, and when mixed with Lemon Grass, Lemon Myrtle, and bits of peel with an infusion of Ginseng and Ginger roots, it makes the most revitalizing blend!  Bai Mu Dan White Tea, Lemon Peel-Grass-& Myrtle, Ginseng Root, & Ginger Root

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Taster’s Review:

White tea and ginger . . .not flavors I think I have ever had together before.  I was quite excited to try this combination!

My first impression of the dry leaf is that this blend has a real rich ginger fragrance.  I don’t pick up any of the white tea familiar floral notes.  I brewed this up with the typical white tea settings and set down to enjoy a cuppa.

Took a whiff of the steeped tea and yet again was greeted with a very heavy ginger fragrance.  My first impression of how this tea tastes? If you love ginger, you’ll love this tea.

For me the ginger was quite heavy in this tea but quite a nice change of pace.  I’m not sure I 100% love the combination of the floral aspects of the ginger.  Intriguing and different for sure.   The ginger notes and flavors are very dominating in each sip with the sweet floral like aspects of the tea hiding in the background.  You could pick up hints here and there of the lemon peel and lemon grass.  I almost wish those flavors would have been hyped up more with the ginger hyped down a note or two.  That would have been some great tea! I’m going to try this as a cold brew later today to see if I can get those flavors to pop a bit more.  Doesn’t a white ginger iced tea sound delicious?

This tea is good, just not what I was hoping for.  But ginger is a newer flavor that I just started liking.  This will be a tea I will be revising.  With a name like Sunrise Sensation and having a horror aspect to it, I have to try this one again!

A ‘Vampire Lemonade’ Custom Blend Tea from Adagio Teas

VampireLemonadeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White Tea & Herbals

Where to Buy:  Adagio Teas

Tea Description:

Blood orange tisane outshines white tangerine (20 percent) and lemon grass (20 percent) in this delicious, refreshing blend. Try it iced for a homage to summer, or drink it hot to reminisce on winter days.

A Carolynne Keenan Custom Blend.

Learn more about this custom blend here.

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Taster’s Review:

I steeped this tea at 190°F for 5 minutes and even with that short a steep time, the liquid looks super dark ruby red (like hibiscus) and the texture is thicker than I hoped for.  Too much hibiscus in this!

So I decided to let it cool for a while and see how it would fair as an iced drink because as a hot tea, I found the hibiscus to be too overpowering for me to enjoy it.  As the tea cools, I can pick up on some of the blood orange, tangerine and lemon-y notes from the lemongrass.  The hibiscus enhances the tartness of these fruit flavors which is nice.  I’m not usually a big fan of tart-y beverages but when it’s “lemonade” a bit of tart is OK.

I don’t taste a lot of white tea.  This tastes more like a citrus-y punch than it does a tea.  Which is OK I suppose but I’m more of a tea drinker than a citrus punch drinker.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite tea from Carolynne Keenan’s collection of custom tea blends with Adagio Teas.  I think that if there was a little less hibiscus and more of the fruity flavors, this would be better.  I would also prefer it if it tasted more like tea than like hibiscus.  Then again, you know how I feel about hibiscus.  Not a bad drink, just not my favorite.