Have a Sweeter Breakfast Blend with Aso Black from Mellow Monk

Aso Black from Mellow Monk is technically a black tea but it is processed a little differently that most black teas.  If I understood their description correctly, Aso Black tea is made from the tea leaves that would normally go into making sencha green tea.  Picked in the mountains of Japan, these leaves are less processed and less fermented than traditional black tea.  Aso Black is also called “kocha” or “crimson tea”, perhaps due to its medium level of oxidation.  But I digress. The leaves in my sample were small and flat, though very dark in color.  As it brewed, Read More


MrsPremise’s Oolong-A-Thon. . . . .

As I delved into my tea cabinet recently, I realized I had been stockpiling oolong teas.  Where did they all come from?!   Since the season is finally starting to turn, and oolong teas always make me think of spring, it seemed like a good time to try them all.   So I had an Oolong-A-Thon and brewed ten samples from my stores.  The numbers below aren’t a “best-of” ranking, but they roughly move from most delicate in flavor to the most potent in flavor.  . . . .   Alishan High Mountain from Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf – The dry Read More


Tai Ping Houkui Green from Min River Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy: Min River Tea (However it’s no longer available) Tea Description: Hailing from the foothills of Huang Shan’s eternally misty peaks, Tai Ping Monkey King is one of China’s most distinct green teas. The mellow and refreshing Monkey King is processed from a special cultivar prized for its large leaves. Its leaves are individually flattened resulting in the typical often finger-long blades featuring a beautifully deep green colour. Learn more about this tea on Steepster. Taster’s Review: Looks like I’m a little late to the game; Min River Tea has closed up their virtual doors and Read More


Iced Black Tea from Tazo

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Learn more about Tazo on their website. Tea Description: Certain feats, like executing a reverse swan dive into a shimmering pool while wearing a pair of Euro-cut trunks and a captain’s hat, out only be attempted by a select few.  This blend of black teas has the kind of cool, smooth sophistication to pull off a move like that, should it choose to do so. Taster’s Review: I received a box of this Iced Black Tea from Tazo from a friend, and while I certainly appreciated her generosity and thoughtfulness, I also appreciated that I Read More


Organic Yerba Maté from Kally Tea

Tisane Information: Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté Where to Buy:  Kally Tea Tisane Description: Organic unflavored Yerba Mate’.  Our other Mate’ offerings are of a flavored variety.  We felt that unflavored would be an excellent addition to our line.  Learn more about this tisane here. Taster’s Review: It’s been a while since I’ve had a pure, unflavored green Yerba Maté, so this Organic variety from Kally Tea is a welcome and inspired change from what I’ve been drinking.  Not that I haven’t been enjoying what I’ve been drinking, but, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit. I really don’t drink Read More