Let’s Go Bananas! Banana-Themed Teas

Tea with bananas?  That’s crazy, right?  Or maybe it’s just crazy delicious.  Let’s take a look at five banana teas I’ve tasted lately.

Grilled Spiced Banana from A Quarter to Tea – Let’s get started with the weirdest banana tea I’ve come across.  Not only does this blend feature bananas, but it also uses smokey flavors to convey the “grilled” part of Grilled Banana.  Brewed, this tea is shockingly creamy, much more like banana creme brule than any overpowering smoky lapsang souchong.  The hint of smoky adds a nice savory note to the sweet banana, like the tasting the sweet-salty shell of fried ice cream.  This is a total underdog combination of flavors, and they really come together.

Banana Peach Green from 52Teas – This green tea is smooth and sweet, with some very forward peach flavors on the smell and taste. The creamy, tropical banana comes through on the aftertaste, rich with real-fruit flavors.  No banana-candy flavors here.  The nuttiness of the tea makes the aftertaste of this blend feel smooth and comforting, like banana bread.

Bananas and Custard from Bluebird Tea – This tea can seem mild at first, with little fragrance in the dry leaf, but when this green tea is brewed at the right temperature, something magical happens.  When brewed this tea truly smells and tastes like banana cream pie.  It nails the fruity, starchy banana flavor, and the creamy-yet-tart vanilla custard.  The gentle nuttiness from the green tea helps keep this centered, but there are plenty of banana-crazy dessert flavors to go around.

Banana Split from A Quarter to Tea – There’s a lot going on in a banana split, there’s vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, and sauces like marshmallow or pineapple, and the bananas and whipped cream of course.  This white tea is sweet with strawberries but creamy with bananas and has a touch of the starchy, real-fruit banana flavor.  This blend is sweeter than the others thanks to all the strawberry, but who wouldn’t want to taste an ice-cream-themed tea?

Monkey Chops from Bluebird Tea – Wow, what a name!  Monkey Chops has a tart ceylon black tea base with added vanilla flavoring and banana pieces.  Even without milk this brew has plenty of creamy notes and smooth banana flavor, strong enough to compete with the bold black tea base.  This would be amazing with a splash of milk or a dash of cinnamon sugar.

Love them or hate them, banana teas don’t come along every day so it’s worth getting a little crazy and giving them a try!


TeaEqualBliss’s TOP Flavored Black Teas of the Moment

  1. Rose Marzipan Black Tea from Stylin’ Tea Blends
  2. Orange Cookies Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.
  3. Persian Rose from Tay Tea
  4. Peach Vanilla Tea from Full Leaf Tea Company
  5. Persian Plum Rose Black from Blossom *
  6. Apple Cinnamon French Toast Black Tea from Simpson & Vail
  7. Earl Grey from Metolius Artisan Tea
  8. Pineapple Old Bay from Handmade Tea
  9. Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTea: Lemon Sweets Black from Cup of Love
  10. Lemon Myrtle from The Tea Can Company
  • * This tea review has yet to go LIVE at the time of writing this review.  Look for a full length review SOON!

Here at the Sororitea Sisters we have been asked time and time again what we would include in our TOP TEN Teas.  Since we drink SO MANY TEAS we have decided to occasionally release our TOP TEN TEAS of the MOMENT.   This is one of those posts.  This post is specifically highlighting some of the BEST Flavored Black Teas I have tasted the last few months!  Of course MY taste buds differ from YOURS but these are just a few of MANY I thought deserved a little extra push!