White Tropical Tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange. . .. . .

The Spice and Tea Exchange in John’s Pass Florida claims that one sip of their White Tropical Tea will transport me to a tropical oasis. Sure…it’s more of a mental journey than physically being transported…but I’ll take what ever I can get!

Organic Chinese white tea is combined with luscious chunks of pineapple and organic peach pieces to create the fruity-sweet yet relaxing aroma and flavor of White Tropical Tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange.

The White Tea is light and slightly sweet. The pineapple and peach contribute to the overall sweet, too, but the pineapple packs a delightful powery puckery punch and the peach has a natural creamy-sweetness to it, too!

The paradise-reminiscent fruits linger at the end of the sip well on to the aftertaste. White Tropical Tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange is delightfully tasty!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White Tea
Where to Buy:  The Spice & Tea Exchange

One sip of this refreshing tea will transport you to a tropical oasis. Organic Chinese white tea combined with luscious chunks of pineapple and organic peach pieces will help you escape to a relaxing paradise!

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White Rose Tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  The Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Description:

This fragrant white tea blend consists of all organic ingredients. Roses, jasmine, and lavender are combined with rejuvenating peppermint for a delicious and scented cup. Great for morning or evening enjoyment. Contains: green tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers, lavender flowers, peppermint leaves. Moderate Caffeine.

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Taster’s Review:

The aroma of the dry leaf is enchanting!  It has a strong peppermint scent, but, because the rose is also quite strong, these two seem to contrast each other enough to offer a bouquet that is beautifully floral and yet, deliciously minty at the same time.   In the background, I also smell notes of jasmine and lavender.  It’s a very pleasing fragrance.

The infusion is also nicely fragrant, smelling a bit more of the rose than of the peppermint, which was what I was hoping for.  But I purchased this tea based on the promise of a “White Rose Tea” … and not a peppermint one.  I am glad that the rose is prominent, with notes of lavender and jasmine accenting the rose and a hint of peppermint in the background.  It smells fresh and romantic, and evokes thoughts of summer when roses are in bloom.

With all these strong floral and peppermint notes, I expected the flavor of the white tea to be absent.  But it is not.  On the contrary, the flavor of the white tea is very well-defined with its sweet, slightly creamy attributes.  It is a very nice base for the flavors of rose, lavender and jasmine – as well as the peppermint – to express themselves.

Not surprisingly, the rose is the strongest component of the cup.  It actually starts out rather perfume-y, to the point of numbing the tip of the tongue with its sharp, perfumed quality.  That being said, somehow, it is not an off-putting perfume-y taste.  It doesn’t taste soapy, it is more reminiscent of rose water than of Aunt Bertha’s perfume.   And once the tea has cooled slightly, the flavor tends to settle in, and allows the palate to explore the other notes with ease.

The jasmine and lavender are softer flavors, and I find they serve more as an accent to the rose rather than as individual floral notes.  It becomes more of a medley of floral flavor with the rose as the main focus of that medley.  The peppermint is also a softer flavor, and I found myself actually looking for it with the first few sips, it was that soft.  Now that I am halfway through the cup, the peppermint is more apparent, although it is still not what I’d consider to be a strong flavor.  This sometimes aggressive herb seems rather content to be a background note here, and allow the flowers to take center stage.

I find this to be a very enjoyable cup of tea.  It offers a delightful sense of tranquility as well as romance, so pour two cups of this tea and sip it with someone special.

International Breakfast Tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Description:

A classic Breakfast tea that is rich and malty with subtle notes of chocolate. This robust and flavorful black tea makes a great first cup to start your day. Contains: black tea. Contains caffeine.

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Taster’s Review:

The other day, I managed to talk my husband in to taking me to the Spice & Tea Exchange in Portland, Oregon.  It wasn’t too difficult as I had a Living Social Voucher.  Normally, though, when it comes to going somewhere to buy tea, my husband balks at the idea, as he is convinced that I have “enough” tea.  As if that were possible.  Ha!

This is one of the teas that I selected from their pleasing array of teas.  They don’t have a dizzying selection, which I actually like, because I think that too many teas in an establishment leads to the possibility of procuring a tea that has been there too long.  You know?  The selection at The Spice & Tea Exchange is large enough to give a good variety without being so big that you’re choosing between two teas that seem almost identical, and can’t be sure of how fresh your selection is going to be.

I also liked that when I walked into The Spice & Tea Exchange, the air wasn’t overwhelmingly scented by the spices (I like the smell of spices, but, it’s hard to find spices you’re interested in if the air around you is consumed by a heady aroma of spice), and that it was clean and friendly and easily accessible.  Additionally, it is nice that the teas and spices are available online as well as in-store.

This is a nice breakfast blend.  As the description above suggests, it does have a pleasant malty tone and a subtle note of chocolate.  The chocolate is a little difficult to discern while the tea is piping hot, so do let it cool for a moment or two before taking a sip if you’re looking for that chocolate-y note.  There is a pleasant earthiness to this tea, as well as a delicious undertone of caramel that melds nicely with the malt.

Overall, a very tasty breakfast blend.  I would like it more if it had more of a stimulating effect to it,  It is a black tea blend, and as such it does manage to encourage some wakefulness, but it is not as invigorating as some other breakfast blends I’ve tried.  It takes the addition of milk and honey well, if you care to add it, but, it isn’t so edgy that you need these additions, as it tastes quite nice on its own.

I enjoyed this, my first sampling of a tea from this company.  I am glad I have more to try from them!