Winter Cinnamon Green Tea from The Kettlery Plus A Giveaway!

Winter will soon be upon us. You can feel the chill in the air. At least here in the Midwest you can.  Our nights are getting colder and are days are starting to get that winter like feel to them.  This is when I start really drinking teas that have that soul soothing warmth to keep me going!

wintercinnamongreentea2Winter Cinnamon Green Tea from The Kettlery is a flavored green tea that is a blend of green tea, orange flavors and spices, like cinnamon.  The description of the tea says that this is a spicy tea with a mild tangy profile. I’m not sure about the tang but there is a resounding spice note for sure.

This tea starts off with a warming buttery richness from the green tea with a very noticeable cinnamon flavor. The orange flavors are mild and seems like the cinnamon may be overwhelming those flavors. This is the second time I’ve had this tea and cup after cup, this is what I’m picking up- a green cinnamon tea.  Which is lovely. This tea gives me that warm and cozy feel that I can really wrap my hands around.  Give me a huge mug of this with my favorite blanket and a good book and I’ll be set!

It would be nice to get those orange teas to pop but I’m quite content with what I have. Maybe some experimenting will get those notes to come through.


And speaking of The Kettlery. . . its Giveaway Time!

earlgrey2This prize is simply fantastic my friends. Valued at $45 this Earl Grey set is gorgeous and gives you the chance to check out 3 different types of Earl Grey teas that The Kettlery offers (all in tins!) along with a lovely Kava cup. Enter now to try and win this set and enjoy right before the holidays!

Good luck to our readers! We will have one more giveaway of The Kettlery’s wonderful Herbal Bliss box so stayed tuned for that.

Earl Grey Time with The Kettlery!


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Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy:  The Kettlery


This warm and inviting green tea flawlessly blended with refreshing orange and savoury cinnamon creates a soothing tea with a tangy aroma with a spiced citrus taste.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Green Twirl Green Tea from The Kettlery

Today is one of those days I was wanting some more palate cleansing than a flavored tea. I wanted a straight tea. So I went to our SororiTea Sisters inventory and pulled out a tea from a company that is newer to me, The Kettlery.

The Kettlery, based in India, is on a mission to develop a healthier loose leaf regime for tea enthusiasts in India and across the world. You have to enjoy a company that is dedicated to their craft. They do source their tea and keep a strict eye on quality, which you can taste in their tea.

At least I can in their Green Twirl Green Tea. This lovely tea is as delicious as it is gorgeous. Twisting leaves that produce a lovely amber brew that has a smooth and rich flavor with a hint of a vegetal side.  Each sip commands another and another. This is one of those teas where you find yourself having trouble putting your tea cup down.

I did a second infusion of these lovely leaves and I have to say, this tea is incredibly solid. Well balanced with that slight twinge of astringency and a vegetal finish-this tea is just delicious and a wonderful way to change  the pace.

Later this month, we will be giving away an absolutely amazing gift set from The Kettlery- An Earl Grey Tea set, valued at $45 (USD).    Keep an eye out. The giveaway will start soon!



Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: The Kettlery

Green Twirl as the name suggests is a green tea from the majestic Nilgiris. The eye pleasing green colored tea leaves unfurl to bestow upon you the love of nature. It calms your your body and mind to create a magical atmosphere of serenity. The mild green colored liquor can be enhanced with honey and lemon

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!