Pascoe’s Woodlands Special Winter Nilgiri Frost Green from Teabox

When I hear “green tea”, I immediately think of Chinese and Japanese greens. Especially Japanese greens… ahhh~! So when I was presented with an opportunity to review a Teabox green tea that hailed from Nilgiri, India, I was intrigued and not really sure what to expec The dried leaves are very finely ground, one can see a few leaf pieces but it is mostly pretty dusty- this could also simply be because of the package hitting a few bumps during shipping. The leaves smell a little fishy, but mostly vegetal and earthy. As it brews, it smells sweeter with a Read More


Strawberry Spritz Iced Tea From Teabox

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Black Where to Buy: Teabox  Tea Description: Strawberries – sweet and luscious – are the perfect summer treat and this tea blend is just as so. Yielding a gorgeous brownish-red color liquor, this tea is complex, charming and subtle. Sweet aroma of fresh strawberries and mint makes the brew inviting. The mellow, silky-bodied liquor promises to render your palate with tangy flavors of strawberry and orange that linger on for the long haul Marked by a long, fruity finish, this medium caffeine tea is suited for a soothing sip throughout the day. Learn more about this tea here. Read More


Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Tea Where to Buy: TeaBox Tea Description: AROMA Lavender, mint, sweet greens and a hint of spice APPEARANCE Carrot with a pink hue TASTE Light and mellow with a hint of astringency, notes of lavender, refreshing menthol and sweet greens COMPLEMENTS Long, lavender, menthol Topped with rich notes of lavender flower, this tea feels immensely tranquil on the senses.The black tea lends a note of menthol and astringency to the cup, which enhances the cup experience further. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: What a pleasant surprise…Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox!  Of course the Read More


Winter Spice Chai from Teabox

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: Teabox  Tea Description: A perfect tea for winter mornings. Take in the warm aromas of toasted almonds and spicy ginger as you brew a cup of this decadent chai blend. Along with the mellow sweetness of almonds the liquor has notable spice accents which make for an inviting, astringent cup of tea. Sip it plain or with some sweetener, this tea will see you through chilly winters with its comforting warmth. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: This tea. . .this tea has me all sorts of confused! I want to love Read More


Namring Special Autumn Darjeeling Black from Teabox

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy: Teabox Tea Description: Autumnals from Darjeeling are known for their smooth and aromatic make. This blend tugs at the senses with its rich floral bouquet, although retrained. While light in cup, this tea impresses with its fullness. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Wow! Teabox has some pretty impressive teas and I have to say this one is fabulous and perfect for the chaotic week or so we’ve had in my family! This tea had such a lovely almost floral aroma to it while it steeped. I steeped the tea per the Read More