Amber Black Maple from Embrew.. . . . .

I usually drink loose leaf tea so I pulled out this sample teabag with low expectations…until I had the bag in my hands. It felt fat and crunchy! I could tell the leaves were big and whole, and decided to steep this in an infuser so I could have a good look at it. I tore it open and that’s when I saw that there was more than just tea in the bag! There were also coarse grains of sugar. Looking up the company online, I saw that they specialize in teas blended with handcrafted sweeteners and mine just happens to be a maple sugar. SUH-WEET! (Literally and figuratively.) What a great choice to go with brekkie today!

It brews up to a hearty cup. I was concerned it might be too sweet for me since I don’t usually add any sugar to my tea, but it wasn’t. The sugar doesn’t take away from the delicious flavor of the tea at all, and this is a good quality tea right here! It makes a 10-12 ounce cup or mug of tea, whereas most teabags only promise you a decent six ounces.

I often resteep my leaves so I gave that a try. The second steep of these leaves had about as much color and flavor as the first, with just a drop in the sweetness level. You could easily combine the two steeps and have a fantastic pot of breakfast tea for two, and the sugar level would still be enough for folks like me.

I am impressed by the quality of these leaves. It is a great on-the-go tea if you want a little sugar in your cup but the convenience of a teabag without sacrificing quality of the leaf. The black tea itself is hearty with fruity notes, certainly a bold enough flavor for a good wake up.

Great job, Embrew!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Embrew

This sweet, robust black tea from Nepal is double-roasted resulting in sophisticated cocoa and molasses flavors. We’ve added pure granulated maple syrup from a family farm at the base of Mount Mansfield, Vermont to round out the cup.

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