MrsPremise’s Tea Wish List for the New Year

Some of my holiday wishes have definitely come true, with lots of delicious holiday tea blends in my cupboard.  I was even lucky enough to get a tea advent calendar this year (mine is from Plum Deluxe).  With plenty of festive tea brewing in my mug, my tea dreams now turn towards tea accessories. Glass Teapot I feel like I’m taking more pictures of tea than ever (and tagging them with #365daysoftea).  My tea leaves would get to show off their color and shape in a clear glass teapot like this one from Bluebird Tea or this one from Teaposy. Read More


Infinity Jars. . . . . . My Pinterest-esque tea-storage-dreams came true. . . . .

As I’ve grown to be a more discerning tea drinker over the years, so has my collection storage improved. But I’ll be honest– while in a perfect world, all of my teas would be stored in dark glass jars, all of coordinating colors and sizes and quirkily labeled, fitting perfectly on a quaint display tray near my favorite honeypot– this is far from my reality. I have quite a few tea tins I’ve picked up with purchases over the years, a handful of mason jars– but a large percentage of my loose leaf still lives in the bag it came Read More


Storing Your Tea With Infinity Jars. . . .

The one issue  it seems that most loose leaf tea drinkers have is how to store your tea properly so the leaves stay fresh.  An organized tea loose leaf tea collection is always a goal for me.  I always hate it when a tea finds its way to the back of my tea stash and I forget about it.  So my goal has been to keep my tea stash under a hundred teas and to figure out a more organized way to keep all my teas fresh. That is where I found Infinity Jars.  Infinity Jars provides an assortment of Read More


Product Review: Red Hair Girl Walking a Dog on Orange Damask Tea Tin from Tea & Tins

Here at Sororitea Sisters we are trying to do more and more product reviews. That is reviews of tea-themed or tea-related products and/or items that tea fans might be interested that aren’t just tea to sip on. Today I’m sharing with you…a Product Review: Red Hair Girl Walking a Dog on Orange Damask Tea Tin. This is a fun and youthful tea tin with a French twist that is perfect for storing your loose leaf tea and/or just displaying in your kitchen, craft room, workplace, or to take with you on the go! This tin can hold about 2 oz Read More