Super Starling’s Festive Favorites!

Hello, TEA-ple! Hanukkah is here, and I’m ready to make demands! You might be thinking “but Super Starling… the holidays are underway.” Don’t fret. I accept holiday gifts all year round. Here are some tea-related festive favorites: Watercolor Art Print. I love the style on this: part papercut and part watercolor. Plus, plenty of pink and purple. I’m not usually girly, but tea brings it out in me. A Cup With Feet. Admit it. You’re wondering if this is dishwasher-safe. Strap in, folks: it is. The artist makes all kinds of mugs with — and a few without — feet. Read More


Super Starling’s 8 Hanukkah Requests For The Sky-Mensch

Every Hanukkah, I always say things like “I have everything I need in my family and friends.” I also say things like “I am against consumer culture,” and “Your presence is my present.” Meanwhile, I am hoarding a gargantuan, tear-stained wish list behind my back. Here, in the safety of my Sisters, I present to you: Eight Tea-Related Hanukkah Gifts I Would Like From The Sky Mensch.  All are from Etsy, because it’s the best site for crafty anti-establishment ogling ever. Evening 1: A British wax seal with a teacup & owl? Could this necklace be more Harry Potter? It Read More