My Tea Pot from Minos. . . . .My New Best Friend. . . . .

Sometimes having the right tea pot makes all the difference in the world.  I have so many different tea contraptions galore to brew up a cuppa.   I have  graviteas , those cutesy silicone tea infusers, stainless steel infusers, mesh ball infusers, infusers that fold up and travel along with you. . . .and that doesn’t count the 15 to 20 tea pots I have that I’ve acquired over my 10 to 15 year tea journey. Recently,I was promoted to a different position in my company that has required a lot more hours.  As a result, working from home has become Read More


Tea Steeper from Dave and Solomons Tea

One of the ever going battles with loose leaf tea drinkers is how to drink their tea on the go. There are so many options out there now that it is sometimes hard to pick just one. I have a few in my collection and I love them all for different reasons. This particular tea steeper from Dave and Solomons Tea is unique. Here is why. Most of the steepers that are portable that I own are glass. This particular one is plastic. I’m not going to lie, I really like that.  I know. I know. Glass is how tea Read More


#FanaticFriday: Monocle Tea Tumbler-Portable Way to Tea!

I’m a HUGE fan of any tumbler that makes my tea easier and more portable. I’ve had several different types of tumblers in the past but I have to say, this glass tumbler from Monocle Tea Products is one of my favorites. Easy to use, durable, lightweight, and the perfect size, this infuser has been wonderful to brew up so many different varieties of teas. Over the past few weeks, I’ve brewed up different herbals, oolongs, greens, and whites and each time, this tumbler hasn’t steered me wrong. I have found that if I leave the infuser in (as long Read More


Dragon Well/Long Jing from Teabook

Tea Information: Leaf Type: Green Where to Buy: Teabook Tea Description: Our green tea comes from Hunan, Zhejiang and An Hui provinces in China. In China today, most green teas are still pan fired like originally done in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368); this helps to dry the leaf in a way to prevent much oxidation to preserve the green color. From a health perspective, green tea is increasingly popular for its content of EGCG (epigallocatechin), an antioxidant which studies show may have a number of health benefits. Green tea flavor and aroma are often referred to as vegetal, mild, cleansing, Read More