Super Starling’s 8 Hanukkah Requests For The Sky-Mensch

Every Hanukkah, I always say things like “I have everything I need in my family and friends.” I also say things like “I am against consumer culture,” and “Your presence is my present.”
Meanwhile, I am hoarding a gargantuan, tear-stained wish list behind my back.
Here, in the safety of my Sisters, I present to you:
Eight Tea-Related Hanukkah Gifts I Would Like From The Sky Mensch. 
All are from Etsy, because it’s the best site for crafty anti-establishment ogling ever.
Evening 1: A British wax seal with a teacup & owl? Could this necklace be more Harry Potter? It must be upon my body post-haste.
Evening 2: I should probably wean down my mug collection, not add to it… But this one stands on three feet (neat!) and has a cute lace pattern!
Evening 3: How am I going to take my new mug to and fro? A teacup holster, obviously. Sometimes you just need to quick-draw a cuppa. I’ve literally never had a gun situation; I have a tea situation at least once a day.
Evening 4: A kettle bangle. Though Alex and Ani has cupcakes, they do not have a teapot or kettle. This is a grave oversight that Etsy has solved.
Evening 5: A dog drinking matcha. Obviously this belongs in my kitchen.
Evening 6: A teacup statement necklace. Whether that statement is “I border on hipster” or “I have discerning taste in beverages” is up to you.
Evening 7: This Alice in Wonderland skirt. I have no idea how we made it so far into this post without a single Alice in Wonderland mention. This is probably a record. A-line skirts look really cute with my body type (or, actually, EVERY body type). I’d wear this with a big sweater and combat boots. It would be adorably 1990s Hot Topic. I’d cherish every moment.
Evening 8: A pin. I couldn’t narrow this final one down, so I give you my final contenders: skull mug, corgi, and “I make therefore I am.” I will accept all three if it comes down to that.
Be good to me, this year, Sky-Mensch! I’d dig it!

A Tea Drinker’s Letter to Santa!

Oh, hey, Santa!

It’s Mary! It’s been a while, I get it. If it helps, let me jog your memory: big curly hair, nerdy glasses, asked for a pet hamster every single Christmas from ages 4-7? Yup. I’m back!

This year, though, there aren’t any furry creatures on my wish list. (Okay, maybe a puppy. Always a puppy.) I’ve got a big ole’ tea cabinet full of goodies, Santa, and I need some things to compliment my cuppa!

First things first: I’m a girl on the go, Mr. Claus. And I’m sick of finding myself without easy access to tea whenever and wherever I need it. The perfect remedy? This adorable, snappy travel bag to toss some spare bags in for sipping anywhere!


Next, let’s talk practicality. Have you ever tried to hold a cup that you’ve just poured boiling hot water into? Exactly. Ouch. This adorable cozy knit mug sleeve wouldn’t just look cute on my cup, it’d be functional to boot.


Did I say I already had a packed tea cabinet, Santa? I mean, I could probably make some room for this Harry Potter-themed tea sampler in there. Especially with the recent release of Fantastic Beasts. Have you seen it? SO GOOD. Take Mrs. Claus on a date night! You know, after the 25th.


Lastly, Old St. Nick, what would my list be without an adorable new mug to sip my drinks from? I don’t know about you, but I like my mugs BIG. For lots of tea and maximum cozy-factor. This adorable ceramic hand-thrown mug checks all my mug-requirement boxes.


What’s that, Santa? I’ve got room for one more thing on my list? Twist my arm, why don’tcha. This gorgeous set of cream and sugar bowls would look perfect on the counter next to our teapot. And you know me– with how I take my tea, these bowls would never be full for long!


And BONUS, Santa– everything on my list is from independently owned Etsy shops! Support small businesses AND fill my Christmas stocking? It’s a win-win. And when you pop down the chimney on 12/24, I’ll be the girl with the big curly hair and giant nerd glasses in the corner sipping a cuppa. You’ll recognize me. 😉 Merry happy!

Love, Mary