Taiwan Beipu Black Tea – Oriental Beauty – Premium Grade from Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Taiwan Beipu Black Tea – Oriental Beauty – Premium Grade from Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf Teas is the tea of the moment here at Sororitea Sisters! Taiwan Beipu Black Tea – Oriental Beauty – is also known as – Dong Fang Mei Ren. It’s Cameron Teas’ fully fermented version of their traditional Oriental Beauty Oolong.

If you are looking for a natural black tea that is good-sippin’ at just about any time of day try Taiwan Beipu Black Tea – Oriental Beauty – Premium Grade from Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf Teas! The black tea itself isn’t overly strong. It’s more-so what I would consider a more gentle medium strength black tea. It has a more maltier honey type taste to it and also offers-up floral notes to the senses of ‘taste and smell’. The end sip is subtly fruity, too!

I really enjoyed Taiwan Beipu Black Tea – Oriental Beauty – Premium Grade from Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf Teas. It’s not too weak and not to strong of a black tea flavor where I think it would please the masses! Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Cameron Taiwan Premium Loose Leaf Teas

*This black tea is a fully fermented version of our traditional Oriental Beauty Oolong

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Meishan Cing Xin High Mountain Spring Oolong Tea from Taiwan Tea Crafts

Meishan Qing XinTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy: Taiwan Tea Crafts

Tea Description:

Our Spring 2015 Cing Xin Oolong crop from Meishan comes from a well-established growing area which was one of the first to grow higher mountain teas in Chiayi County. Meishan sits between Shanlinxi up north, and Alishan further south and was one of the first high mountain tea growing areas to be developed in central Taiwan, well before Shanlinxi and Alishan. This Qing Xin Oolong has the typical green, crisp pastoral notes with hints of mountain flowers that charms the nose. The palate will immediately be pleased by the ample creamy texture and taste that evokes fresh buttered green beans with hints of sweetness.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

There must be something wrong with me. Some kind of chemical/spiritual imbalance, I’m sure. I used to drink oolongs by the gallons. It was pretty much the tea that I drank exclusively, aside from the occasional herbal or puerh. But I think something happened along my tea journey. I think I oolong’d myself out. If that is even possible. But each oolong that I have had lately has bored me, or rubbed me the wrong way. Either it’s the sign of the apocalypse, or my tastes are just changing with the seasons. I hope it’s the latter, I would like to drink down some of my tea stash before the world really ends.

Meishan Cing Xin High Mountain Spring Oolong Tea from Taiwan Tea Crafts is a mouthful to say, never mind type! I am hoping that this is the tea that will spark my interest in the tea that once held my heart. The leaves are tightly rolled, smooth and so fragrant I almost swoon. Almost. The dry leaf smells like milk and honey, jasmine blossoms and lilies. I was lazy, and not wanting to clean one of my gaiwans, or infuses, I just tossed a few pearls of oolong into the bottom of a mug. Leaves that do a lot of expanding perform so well grandpa style.

Watching the leaves unfold in my mug was nothing short of a spectacle. The aroma is promising, all the creamy, floral goodness wafts up to my nose. The deep gold liquor is thick and smooth, and the floral notes are strong with this one. There are short bursts of grassy notes, it’s got all of the flowers, stem and all. Later on in the steeps, the smooth buttery notes came out, sweeter than the steeps before. This is becoming a strong competitor in the campaign to turn me back on road to oolong! Throughout all the steeps, there was always something else to discover. I may be back on the path to oolong!

Mountain Black Tea from Momo Cha Fine Teas

high-mountain-black-tea-GTATea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Momo Cha Fine Teas

Product Description:

This Taiwanese black tea is grown on plantations at altitudes of over 1850m (6070ft). The altitude and the gentle handling of the leaves gives this tea a unique taste of flowers and honey. Not only the taste but also the smell is from another world.

For all who appreciate fine teas, this can be nothing less but love at first taste. Even people that normally don’t like black tea will find a smile on their face after the first sip of this delicious drop from heaven.

Tasters Review:

The older I get I have been enjoying more and more lovely Black teas from Taiwan.  I’m so blessed to be able to sip on fine teas like this one!  This is a real gem from Momo Cha.  I enjoyed it VERY much!

Right off the bat – I could smell a gentle warm-woodsy aroma.  As it continued to infuse – the chocolate notes popped out a bit more.  From across the room there was a slight floral aroma that added a nice overall touch.   The more you infuse it – the more deep the chocolaty aroma kisses the air.  It’s almost ‘brownie-like’.

It infuses to a medium shade of brown.  As it cools at room temperature – in addition to the other aroma mentioned above – I can also smell some honey and malty notes, too!  This has a wonderful smell to it that just wants me to sip more and more each time I sniff it.

At first taste – I can pick-up on the sweet woodsy, honey, and chocolaty flavors.  The flavor is just as fantastic as the aroma!  This is a wonderful black tea offering.  I love pretty much everything about it.  I can’t think of anything I would change, actually!  It’s quite marvelous!