summer sangria

Summer Sangria (Now Champagne Sangria) from The NecessiTeas

I’ve been saddened by so many teas claiming to mimic a favorite food, then failing. But not here! This tea is a WINNER! This blend, originally called “Summer Sangria” and now titled “Champagne Sangria,” is made of white tea, orange peel, blackberries, red cornflower petals, marigold petals, natural and organic flavors. I tried this tea chilled, and found it delightful. There’s something in here that really does taste like wine. This is 100% a sangria — minus the headache!* * Am I the only one here who takes one sip of wine, gets a headache, and falls fast asleep on Read More


Whispering Angel White Tea from Lancaster Tea Co. . . .

A co-worker recently visited Lancaster, PA, and she brought me a sample of this lovely tea. The town of Lancaster is famous for having a strong Amish community, beautiful farm land, and unique stores offering everything from handmade quilts to shoofly pie (yes, it’s a real thing!). It’s also the home of the Lancaster Tea Company who blend their teas in small batches and have created a winner with their Whispering Angel Tea. The tea has the creamy, buttery taste of white chocolate and a very slight floral note. I found the white chocolate flavor to be accurate, and even Read More