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Laoshan Black from Verdant Tea. . . . .

I haven’t had this tea in the longest time and while it used to be one of my favorites, I had moved on for a while and decided to try other black teas. I found this one while digging around in my collection and want to see if it still holds the same flavors I remember. The black tea leaves are incredibly pretty – silvery, a charcoal black. This scent is of cocoa and… possibly cardboard? While it doesn’t sound too appealing, this is definitely the scent I remember. Sipping… this is definitely bittersweet chocolate I’m tasting. The background offers Read More


Black Ruby from Terroir Tea Merchant. . . .

Today is one of those days where I need all the caffeine to keep going.  I literally bring a tote bag full of tea wherever I go so I dug into my lovely portable tea stash and landed on this lovely option. Black Ruby from Terroir Tea Merchant is a black tea described as having a smooth, sweet, and cinnamon mint flavor. That description alone peaked my interest. I’ve tried a few offerings from Terroir Tea Merchant and I have to say, even though I typically reach for flavored teas, they’ve even turned my head and made me re-think my Read More


Yunnan Black from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. . . . .

It’s been a while since I have tried a tea from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. and today I thought I would share their Yunnan Black with you! Their Yunnan Black comes from Lincang which is just a stone’s throw from Burma and home to some of the oldest cultivated tea in the world – according to The Little Red Cup Tea Co. website and product description. The Yunnan Black Tea we are reviewing today is hand picked and tightly rolled but not rolled into balls or pearls but more of a rolled pressed leaf of sorts. The golden Read More


Bigfoot from Wendigo Tea Co. . . .There has been a sighting!

A classic case of me being drawn in to trying a tea because of the name. I mean…who wouldn’t want to try Bigfoot Tea? I introduce to you…Bigfoot Tea from Wendigo Tea Co. Why was I so excited to try Bigfoot Tea from Wendigo Tea Co? Well, because I live in one of the supposed ‘hot spots’ in the US for Bigfoot Sightings! It’s true! A local winery even named a wine after Bigfoot. So now I can say I have tried at least 1 tea and 1 wine that were inspired by the mythological simian, ape, or hominid-like creature Read More

Xian Luo Black Tea

Xian Luo Black Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.. . . .

I have a confession. At first sniff I was LOST in this Xian Luo Black Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Co. The natural aroma was so fragrant, a little spicy, and a little malty. The trio of smells made it an unforgettable smelling tea! The taste of Xian Luo Black Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Co. was just as impressive! Xian Luo Black Tea from Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Co. is a medium strength black tea that was fairly malty in the mouth. The malt was on the sweeter side and NOT Read More