Tea-Inspired Shamrock Shake using tea from Sportland Tea Co. . . . . .

This tea had been sitting in my to-be-reviewed pile for far too long, you guys. Every once in a while, I’d pass by, give it a sniff, smile at how yummy it smelled, then get distracted by something else and completely forget to brew it up (story of my life). Until the other day, I was struck by the siren song of March– the Shamrock Shake. You know exactly what I’m talking about. As soon as 3/1 rolls around, billboards are covered with larger-than-life pictures of delicious, neon green vanilla-mint-chemical-deliciousness, and it’s near impossible to resist them. That said, it’s Read More

endurance blend citrus mint

Endurance Citrus Mint from Sportland Tea Company. . . . .

Wow, this tea really packs a flavor punch! This is a combination of matcha green tea with other goodies like ginger, ginseng, peppermint, lemongrass(my favorite) and cayenne! I can definitely feel the little kick of cayenne. I’ve never heard of a green or matcha tea pared with cayenne, and it totally works! I smelled the tea before adding it to my tea ball, and was surprised at the spicy scent. First of all, it made a nice smooth cup and did not get clumpy like some matchas. When I took my first sip, I tasted ginger and citrus right away. Read More

endurance blend citrus mint

Endurance-Citrus Mint from Sportland Tea Co. . . A Unique Twist on Matcha

  Matcha has always been such a hit or miss tea for me. I either adore and devour the matcha (typically a latte) that I make or it is just way too vegetal for me. But this is the year I plan to step more and more outside of my comfort zone for tea, so I prepped up my water and set to checking this tea out properly. Endurance Citrus Mint is a blend of matcha, ginger, ginseng, and mint with a few other inclusions here and there. The mint is the aroma you really get when you first open Read More