Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52Teas

Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52 Teas is just FUN in every way! Not only is it FUN but it’s special and unique in every way, too! Let me see if I can explain some of my thoughts behind this tea!

First off…Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52 Teas contains organic oolong tea, dried pluots, organic ginger root, organic crystallized ginger (sliced ginger and sugar), vegan edible glitter and organic natural flavors.

Dried Pluots!? Are you serious!? I LOVE Pluots! In case you are not familiar with the fruit…they are a hybrid fruit…a cross between an apricot and a plum. They smell and taste like BOTH a plum and an apricot at the same time! They are juicy, sweet, and have that recognizable stone-fruit taste.

The ginger and crystallized ginger flavored are very distinct in this tea. The crystallized flavor is more muted that I thought it would be but totally understand why as I think it being any more intense would just change the taste completely.

The edible vegan glitter was more for show and you had to look at it cross-eyed to even find it but I know how expensive that stuff is so I’m totally ok with there NOT being more. I mean, we are here for the tea, right!?

The Oolong Tea itself has a woodsy-oolong taste to it. It infused darker than I expected but it was a pleasant surprise. The oolong even had a subtle smoky or hint of charcoal type flavor to it, too! Again, a nice surprise!

If you read a product description of ANY tea today make sure you check this one out because you can really see just how much thought and thoughtfulness Anne put into this creation over at 52 Teas! Whether you enjoy this tea for the artisan factor or enjoy the connection and tribute to unicorns/ponies, the Burning Man Festival, or even Portlandia it’s certainly a tea that will stick in your mind for one reason or another and certainly worthy of being one of 52 Teas Anniversary Teas! I’m LOVING THIS!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: 52Teas
52teas3_1430856114__73092Description (Please note, this tea is no longer available)

ingredients: organic oolong tea, dried pluots, organic ginger root, organic crystallized ginger (sliced ginger and sugar), vegan edible glitter and organic natural flavors.

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Spritz of Glitz from Tea & Tins

Whenever I’m looking around for a new tea to add to my collection, if I see sprinkles-its like I can’t click fast enough to get that tea blend into my cart!

This is exactly what happened when I came across Spritz of Glitz, a tea from a company that I’m really starting to enjoy.  This tea is chalk full of pear and peach pieces and silver and gold balls all on a bed of green tea. I’m also noticing a few rose petals here and there.  Quite a striking dry leaf mix for sure.

First whiff of the dry leaves from Spritz of Glitz and there is for sure a stone fruit vibrant note.   There is also an almost candy fragrance as well.  I wasn’t so sure about the candy notes but I really wanted those stone fruits to come across after steeping.

Brewed up by the recommended parameters on the pkg-176F and allowed to steep for about 3 minutes, a gorgeous golden liquor awaited me to try. Took my first sip and was completely taken over by those ripe stone fruit notes I was really yearning for along with a buttery richness and slight vegetal note. This tea really works well and doesn’t come across as candy while enjoying.  Which I was afraid of.  Just the right amount of fruitiness paired with a rich green base.  I could almost compare this tea to having an almost wine like feel with the peach and pear notes.

If you enjoy flavored green teas, this one may be right up your alley!

I came across Tea and Tins while perusing the web for a new flavored tea company to try.  Tea and Tins was created by Lise because she was frustrated with the lack of original tea tins in America.  They offer quite an array of unique tins, which I am now a proud owner of, and teas that appear to be fresh and unique. With flavored tea offerings like PB & J, Hot Mama, and Thunderstorm-this company has my interests peaked.  I instantly put together an order.

A really lovely solid green flavored tea that is perfect for anytime.  I would love to try this tea as a cold brew and plan on doing just that. This may be a tea I ask Santa for more of this upcoming Christmas!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Tea and Tins


Loose leaf green tea, nicknamed Spritz of Glitz!

Ingredients: green tea, succulent peach and fresh pear with a glitzy spritz of sparkling sugars!



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