Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52Teas

Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52 Teas is just FUN in every way! Not only is it FUN but it’s special and unique in every way, too! Let me see if I can explain some of my thoughts behind this tea! First off…Sparkle Pony Oolong Tea from 52 Teas contains organic oolong tea, dried pluots, organic ginger root, organic crystallized ginger (sliced ginger and sugar), vegan edible glitter and organic natural flavors. Dried Pluots!? Are you serious!? I LOVE Pluots! In case you are not familiar with the fruit…they are a hybrid fruit…a cross between an apricot and a plum. Read More


Spritz of Glitz from Tea & Tins

Whenever I’m looking around for a new tea to add to my collection, if I see sprinkles-its like I can’t click fast enough to get that tea blend into my cart! This is exactly what happened when I came across Spritz of Glitz, a tea from a company that I’m really starting to enjoy.  This tea is chalk full of pear and peach pieces and silver and gold balls all on a bed of green tea. I’m also noticing a few rose petals here and there.  Quite a striking dry leaf mix for sure. First whiff of the dry leaves Read More