Organic Sage Superherb by Republic of Tea. . . .

I steeped this tea five minutes with one tea bag in about one cup of 190 degree water. Although I do normally use loose leaf tea, the convenience of pre-bagged tea is tempting too! Especially when it’s high-quality tea. After steeping, it’s become a yellowish color and smells a bit pineapple-ish with an undertone of sage. The sage isn’t too overpowering, at least judging by the fragrance. First sip: Yes, the pineapple may actually be stronger than the sage here. It’s also quite sweet. It has a bit of a stevia flavor, almost. The pineapple flavor blends with the flavor Read More


Apple Sage from Simpson and Vail- A Holiday Experience

Fall flavors are usually dominated by pumpkin and cloves and cinnamon and spice, but Apple Sage from Simpson & Vail focuses on the less obvious sensations of the season. With fresh apple and savory sage, this blend should definitely be in everyone’s fall rotation. Apple pieces in the dry leaf immediately give off a fragrance that transports me to my hometown orchard: juicy, sweet-tart fruit, maybe paired with a cinnamon honey-stick from their local honeybee hive.  The apple pieces are numerous, and provide a true, luscious, apple flavor. What really makes this blend unique is the sage.  I can’t say Read More


Aries from the Zodiac Collection by AstroloTea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black/Floral Where to Buy:  AstroloTea Tea Description: An energetic dance of flavors to initiate the courageous and enterprising new beginnings of the Ram. Every sign rules a different part of the body, Aries rules the head and the face. The Aries blend, a light and subtle flavor with tones of fruit and flowers, helps promote mental clarity, new beginnings, and fresh perspective. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: First thought when I saw this tea was YES! Chrysanthemums! Over the summer, I discovered these delicious floral teas with Chrysanthemum in it.  Wow. My taste buds squealed Read More


White Sage and Wild Mint Tea from Juniper Ridge

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Herbal Where to Buy: Juniper Ridge Tea Description: Our Sage and Mint tea has the rich, earthy, minty flavor that made it a favorite tea for many of the Native American tribes and early settlers of the Southwest. Made from all-natural ingredients wildharvested in the bright, sunbaked, giant-boulder desert country of California.  Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: This is a very unique tea.  I picked this up from one of my fellow SororiTea Sisters- thelastdodo a while ago.  It is such a interesting sounding tea I just had to try it. So I steeped this up per Read More