#FanaticFriday: The Archer Tea (Formerly Daryl Dixon Tea) from Adagio Signature Fandom Blends

#FanaticFriday: The Archer Tea (Formerly Daryl Dixon Tea) from Adagio Signature Fandom Blends is today’s tag and The Archer Tea (Formerly Daryl Dixon Tea) from Adagio Signature Fandom Blends is today’s tea!  That’s right it’s another #FanaticFriday Tea here at Sororitea Sisters!  This one is for the fans of The Walking Dead! Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres on October 23rd so we still have over a month to go before we get our fix.  In the meantime I thought I would tide you over with this tea blended by Chris Diaz. When I initially bought this tea it was Read More


Miami Mango from Steep City Teas

Tea Information:  Leaf Type: Black Where to Buy: Steep City Teas Tea Description: Much like Miami, this black tea has a distinct sunny-like smell filled with passion, a colorful character and a sweet sweet taste. This mango blend with elder berries, apple pieces and lemon peels will evoke the paradise of sunny beaches with fresh fruit in your mouth. It combines a lemon zest with mango undertones that will leave you refreshed and energized. Prepare yourself for an amazing black tea that is great hot or iced. If you love Miami and you love mangos and lemons, this is one not Read More


White Chocolate from sTEAp Shoppe

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  White Tea Where to Buy:  sTEAp Shoppe Tea Description: Delicate White tea leaves with Raw Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Vanilla Bean and Rose hips make a delightful cup of tea. This tea will make you Remember the first time you tasted white chocolate. Rich and creamy from the cocoa butter with the forward unmistakable flavor of Vanilla encasing your tongue. White tea’s delicate embrace allows the cocoa and vanilla flavors to shine by giving them a solid platform to perform on that brings them together like the perfect play. White Chocolate loose leaf white tea is Read More


Strawberry Lemonade from iHeartTeas

Tisane Information: Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Herbal/Fruit Tisane Where to Buy:  iHeartTeas Tisane Description:  A perfect summer treat without all the sugar.  A slightly sweet and tart blend.  Wonderful hot or cold.   Add a touch of raw sugar or honey for the perfectly balanced cup. Learn more about this tisane here. Taster’s Review: I received this as a free sample with my recent order from iHeartTeas.  I just love it when companies give free samples with orders – it’s like a little gift and a really nice way to make me as a consumer feel special.  And Rachel from Read More


Juicy Peach from Teajo Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Single Origin Indian Black Tea Where to Buy:  Teajo Teas Tea Description: A delicious black tea made with whole leaf black tea and infused with natural peach flavor! This refreshing tea is great hot or on ice.Tea Type/Origin The black tea in this blend is single estate and originates from a garden in Northern India known for producing full-bodied tea. Ingredients Full leaf black tea, natural peach flavor, rose petals, rose hips and tea flowers. Brewing Brew 1 teaspoon loose tea in hot water (180 – 212˚F) for 3 minutes. Learn more about this tea here. Read More