A Trio of Peach Teas from Beleave, Rishi, and Teavana. . . .

Who knew I had so many peachy teas in my cupboard?  Let’s look at a spontaneous peach tea trio! Pinkies Up Peach from Beleave Teas Leaf type: white tea This is a white tea with peach pieces and added flavors.  The dry leaf smells fruity and juicy without being artificial.  When brewed, the white tea base is smooth and buttery and pairs perfectly with the bright sweet peach overtones.  White tea and peach are a winning combination.  Black tea blends tend to get too tart or overbearing against the sweet fruit.  Pinkies Up Peach from Beleave would make a great Read More


Midwest Tea Fest 2015: Part 2 – The Haul!

Now on to Part 2 of my ‘review’ of the Midwest Tea Fest! Oh, what goodness lies ahead! What kind of tea person would I be if I did not take home a massive haul of tea back with me? I packed very light for the trip, but brought a giant suitcase to hold it all in. When it was all packed tightly away, I just made the cut off size for a checked bag. 49.5lbs of nothing but tea, teaware, and toothpaste! I know how it looks, there is a lot more teaware than there is tea. I waited Read More


Vanilla Mint Chai from Rishi Tea

Chai Information: Leaf Type:  Pu-erh Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea Tea Description: Creamy, rich textured and inviting, this pu-erh based chai is unlike any other. Its delicate balance of silky and luscious vanilla bean, bright and soothing peppermint and sweet cinnamon transform this chai into something magical. Learn more about this chai here. Taster’s Review: Wow!  I really like this, although I don’t know that I’d agree with calling it a “chai.”  Yeah, yeah, I know that chai means tea and so therefore all tea is technically chai … but I’ve come to recognize the word “chai” as meaning a Read More


Organic Silver Needle from Rishi Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  White Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea Tea Description: Reserve White Tea with a sublime, sweet flavor and a rich, savory finish.  Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: I did not find this particular Silver Needle on the Rishi website, I hope that it will be back in stock soon, because it is fabulous! I chose to brew this cup in my gaiwan.  The leaves were so fluffy and soft, I just couldn’t bear to put them in anything other than my gaiwan, I wanted to enjoy these properly! The aroma of the brewed cup Read More


Organic Earl Grey from Rishi Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea Product Description: Earl Grey is a British tea classic and the most popular tea of the Western World. This citrus-scented tea blend dates back to the 19th Century Sino-British trade of opium, tea, silk and porcelain. Our bestselling Organic Earl Grey blends bold-flavored Yunnan Dian Hong harvested from antique tea trees with natural Bergamot citrus from Southern Italy. It is the perfect organic blend of America’s most popular tea and is frequently complimented as the best Earl Grey ever. Taster’s Review: I was smiling before I even started brewing this Read More