Daughter’s Ring Early Spring Green Tea (Ming Qian Nu’er Huan) from Teasenz

Daughter'sRingTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teasenz

Tea Description:

A farmer needs to work seven days, just to produce about 1.5 kg of this artisan tea, picking only the most-tender leaves from large-leaf tea trees in Simao, Yunnan. Afterwards, each ring is carefully hand-rolled piece by piece, requiring patience and mastery of advanced tea processing skills. A pure organic and luxury green tea.

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Taster’s Review:

Beautiful!  These leaves are so amazingly graceful!  They are rolled in perfect little rings, and the leaves feel soft and fluffy as they’re still covered with their downy fuzz.

They slowly unfurl in hot water, and it’s fun to watch them do their thing as they brew.  I highly recommend steeping these in something that you can watch the brewing process.  I realize that the website recommends a ceramic teapot for brewing, but I brewed this in my gaiwan so that I could watch the tender leaves do their graceful dance as they gently infused the hot liquid.

The cup that sits before me now is the results of the first two infusions, and this tea is delicious.  It is delicately fragrant.  The flavor is lightly vegetal with notes of butter and nutty tones, reminiscent of a nutty browned butter. It isn’t bitter, grassy or overly astringent.

There is a subtle floral note to the cup that seems to gradually build, and is especially noticeable in the aftertaste.  The notes on the website suggest a jasmine note, but, I don’t know that I’m tasting jasmine.  It is a very gentle flowery note that melds seamlessly with the other flavors of the cup.

This is a really remarkable green tea from Teasenz:  I love that it’s organic, I love that it offers several delicious infusions (I got two cups of tea out of one measurement of leaves, infusing the leaves for a total of four times), and quite simply, I love this tea!  Then again, I’ve been very impressed with all the teas that I’ve tried from this company!  This is one company that you should put at the top of your shopping list!

Daughter Rings Green Tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Nature’s Tea Leaf

Tea Description:

Daughter Rings Green Tea is from the Yunnan province of China. These hand selected green tea leaves are carefully hand-rolled into an enchanting ring shape. Daughter ring has a fresh, bright and almost fruity taste. The flavor is quite mild with vegetal notes becoming more prominent with cooling.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

These little tea leaves that have been shaped into little rings are so adorable!  Before brewing, I looked at these Daughter Rings from Nature’s Tea Leaf … marveling at how the tender Green Tea leaves were carefully shaped into perfect little rings.  It’s fun to watch them brew too!  They slowly unwind, as if they are dancing in the hot water.

The tea brews to a very pale yellowish-green color.  The flavor is very agreeable, with a delicious vegetative tone with sweet notes of fruit … I want to say it tastes a bit like sweet apple melding with notes of mild vegetable.  There are also very faint floral tones to this … like a background note of flower.  It is a light, invigorating taste.  It’s on the mellow side.

As the tea cools, I find that the flavor changes slightly, becoming less sweet and slightly more astringent.  It never becomes bitter, but, there is a slight shift in flavor.  The astringency here is slightly dry and cleansing.  The aftertaste is sweet with notes of fruit.

A very pleasant tea … it’s a little different from other green teas out there, but, similar enough to other green teas that it’s easily recognizable as one.  A nice tea for those times when you want something just a little out of the ordinary.