Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea (Red Tea)

Where to Buy: Teabook

Tea Description:

This is a one time purchase of our beloved teabook Subscription box without the renewing feature, makes a great gift! We purposely seek out high-elevation, quality tea from small farms that don’t use pesticides.

Free glass tea tumbler
18 tea packets of two quality selected varieties
1 special collection tea packet

Great tea wherever you go!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook is a great tea.  Whether you call it a Black Tea or a Red Tea it’s sure to impress.  The sample I received from Teabook was perfectly portioned to fit in their tea tumbler that I also received in the box they sent me but the Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook itself also fit nicely into my strainer/steeper to have a regular cuppa as-is, too!

Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook is of Lincang, Yunnan Province, China.  Suggested water steeping temperature was 195 degrees and the loose leaf tea is an impressive, clean black tea (or as they state on the package Red Tea).  Here in the US we tend to call it a Black Tea but many other countries categorize it as a Red Tea.

It has a nice medium strength black tea base that ends a bit sweeter on the end sip.  It also makes a great iced tea.  I was able to get multiple infusions out of it, too!  Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook is hardy and hefty and stands up to many of my black tea favorites!  Two thumbs up!


Jin Pin Red Tea (Black Tea) from Yezi Tea

Jin PinTea Type:
Red Tea
(Black Tea)

Where to Buy:
Yezi Tea

Product Description:

Jin Pin black loose-leaf tea comes from China’s famed Nanhu Mountain range, which is covered nearly year-round by a dense layer of fog. In addition, the extreme difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures there creates the ideal conditions for growing high-quality tea.

In Chinese, Jin Pin means gold personality. It is no coincidence that the brew produced by Jin Pin is a dark orange color. The tea produces a strong, smoky flavor with contrasting tones of chocolate and caramel. Yezi is able to bring you the finest-quality Jin Pin tea because of our collaboration with farmer Huang Jian. For the last 250 years, the Nanhu Mountain range has been home to some of China’s highest-quality organic teas, and we are confident that you’ll take just one sip and say, “I agree.”

Tasters Review:

Jin Pin Red Tea is the official name on the label but as many of you know Red Tea is also known as Black Tea or visa versa.  I’ve enjoyed everything I have sampled from Yezi Tea thus far.

My husband has been drinking more tea lately because he’s NOT drinking as much coffee and when he does drink coffee he’s opting for the decaf.  The tea isn’t decaf but it’s darn tasty!  This morning he was in NEED of some black tea.  And when I say he was in NEED he was certainly in NEED.  I chose this tea for him.  His tea tastes are quite limited compared to mine.  He likes stronger and maltier black teas and will add sugar to it most of the time.  I don’t know if he’s ever asked for tea at work.  Because I do NOT add anything to my tea he got a cup of this tea without any additives and he’s been talking about it all morning.  He loves it!

As for me – I am a fan as well!  Why!?  Because it’s strong, flavorful, a bit brisk and crisp, it has a slight smoky flavor but also has quite a bit of maltiness to it as well as caramel notes.  In the 2nd Infusion – it’s much of the same with the exception of the Caramel notes…those diminish in the 2nd infusion.  It’s still very tasty, tho.

This is another winner, folks!  Certainly worth a try!

Yi Fu Chun Black Tea from Yezi Tea

YiFuChunTea Type:
Black Tea (Red Tea)

Where To Buy:
Yezi Tea

Product Description:

This smoky black loose-leaf tea is grown in the majestic Nanhu Mountain range on the outskirts of Fuqing City in the Fujian province of China. These mountains might be covered in dense fog for two hundred days a year, but one thing remains clear: for the last 250 years they have been home to some of the finest teas to come out of China.

Yi Fu Chun is an organic tea, and Yezi is proud to bring you this offering sourced, like most of our teas, directly from the farmer. You will find drinking this golden brown brew as smooth as riding in a Rolls-Royce on a newly paved highway. A light and natural sugarcane sweetness is a distinguishing characteristic of Yi Fu Chun. Notes of apple and peach add to its complex flavor.

Tasters Review:

By now you know I LOVE the taste of tea as well as LOOKING and SMELLING the tea leaves prior, during, and after infusion.  But I am also a fan of tea for the history as well as the Farming aspect of tea.  All of those elements are brought together in teas offer by Yezi.  Specifically speaking…their Yi Fu Chun Black Tea – or as Yezi calls it – Red Tea.

This has a semi-mellow black tea strength to it with hints of natural sugar cane trying to hide underneath.  I could also pick up on the peach flavors playing around towards the middle to the end of the sip on to the aftertaste.  This tea is smooth and somewhat sweet but has a lot of character!  Plus…it’s seems to work well for multiple infusions, too!  A dandy cuppa!


Bai-Lin Kung-Fu Classic Red Tea from Shang Tea

Bai-Lin Kung-Fu Red Tea
Bai-Lin Kung-Fu Red Tea from Shang Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Red Tea

Where to Buy: Shang Tea

Tea Description:

Hearty and flavorful, this brew has a complex flavor, crisp finish, and a deep traditional red tea hue. This tea is harvested from a white tea plant, which offers a smooth finish to a fermented tea.

Ingredients: Organic White Tea Leaves

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Bai-Lin Kung-Fu Classic Red Tea from Shang Tea is quite spectacular! The aroma is like a malty black tea with aromas of cocoa, hay, and maple. My first reaction when smelling this while steeping was Mmmmmmmm. A deeper inhalation of this tea brings forth some berry aromas as well. Yet there is also something savory about this tea. My mouth was watering while I patiently waited for my tea to cool just a tiny bit so I could indulge!

This is a sweet tea! It even smells somewhat sweet. As I sip on this tea I find notes of honey, toasted cocoa beans, notes of roasted flavors, some kind of molasses perhaps, and a spark of spice. The after taste is lingering of that savory element I noted above. Almost an oregano note.

What a strange, interesting, complex tea!

This is not a tea for the faint of heart, it is bold, robust, not shy at all. It wakes you up and perks you up as it presents itself with a hearty “Hey there! Bet you weren’t expecting me!”

Its a bit sweet, a bit saucy, and all attitude! If this tea were a person it would be that interesting, but sometimes peculiar uncle Bob that sometimes makes you laugh and other times makes you go Hummmmm. Unless your uncle Bob is just creepy in which case this tea is not like him at all. It just has a way about it that speaks boldly for itself yet makes you feel comfortable with its unusual flavor. This tea makes you feel good to be a bit different, to go off the beaten path, to try new things, and indulge in rare delights that you won’t find around every corner.

If I were going to take a trek through the country I think I would take this tea along with me. It tends to make me feel invincible or like all things are possible. Its unusual, exciting, and unlike any other tea out there yet familiar enough in some of its flavor notes that I find it comforting at the same time as exciting.

Is it white or red or black? Its confusing right? Don’t despair, read all about it on Shang Tea’s blog here.

Tibet Dream from In Nature Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:

Where to Buy:  In Nature Teas

Tea Description:

A new blend of red and flower teas, Tibet Dream has evoked the imagination of many as its red deep colors remind the Chinese of the deep red robes of the Tibet Monks. This blend is an exceptional combination of a red/black tea with a floral after-taste. Sweet in the palate and mild, this is a must-drink blend to the ones that can appreciate the qualities of superb tea, from the region of Fujian.

Tibet Dream is a great relaxing drink that is said to refresh your mind and body.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Ha! What a delight to the eyes! When I opened this sample (generous sample) from my SororiTea Sister Jennifer I was so surprised I giggled. I showed my daughter the “tea” and said “look at this”! My daughter said that it looked like flowers. I had to look again as I was sure I was looking at some kind of confetti streamer like stuff I would put in a gift to give to someone. Then I saw the flower buds. What a truly interesting tea! I have taken a photo with my iPhone for you to see the beauty of this tea:

Dry leaf aroma is very floral, somewhat earthy, almost musty but not in a way that turns me off, and slightly sweet.

Tibet Dream is a sweet tea in my opinion with a very creamy mouthfeel. There is an astringency to it that verges on medicinal but in the way I would expect an herbal tea to taste.

In the after taste I pick up an almost menthol like cooling sensation on my tongue.

I do detect a delicate black tea undertone which is nice.

There is a savory element to the flavor of Tibet Dream as well.

One could not say this tea lacks depth or interest layers of notes within it!

I do also taste a light fruity note such as tart cherries. Perhaps this is what Jennifer was picking up as a slightly tart hibiscus note.

What a truly unusual and delightful tea! I can’t say that this is a tea I would have selected for myself however after having it I can say it is one that could easily grow on me. I could see myself craving this flavor now and then and if the effects are as the site describes I know I surely need that kind of relaxation with mind boost often!

See Jennifer’s (TeaEqualsBliss) review here.