Orange Cardamom Black Tea from Aftelier Perfumes

I didn’t have much information on this tea going into my first cup, so I was surprised to see these black tea leaves unfurl into a deep, dark, red brew.  This tea almost seems like a pu erh rather than an astringent black tea.  The base is earthy, almost smoky, and much richer and more savory that I expected. Aftelier Perfumes describes the tea as “red tea rolled into pearls and roasted,” which makes sense with the musky, toasted notes I tasted. The orange and cardamom are minimal, the most noticeable on the back of each sip.  There’s something sweet Read More


Honey Scent Red from Terroir Tea Merchant

Have you ever encountered a tea that literally shook you and changed your thoughts on what teas you should be drinking? I will admit it. I drink mostly flavored teas knowing full well that I should expand my horizons and enjoy more straight teas to grow my tea knowledge and palate. But I just have such a fondness for those fun crazy flavored teas that I don’t take the time to enjoy straight teas. Well that is until now. Terroir Tea Merchant recently sent the Sisters an amazing care package with a fabulous sampling of their offerings.  I decided that Read More


Dian Hong Black Tea from Teabook

Hello Tea Friends! Today I will be reviewing some Dian Hong Cha from Teabook. If you are new to tea then here is some translating: Dian – Shorter version of Yunnan, a province in China known for tea growing. Hong means red which refers to it’s colour, in China it’s known as red tea but in Western countries it’s a black tea. Cha literally means tea. So it’s Yunnan Red Tea. This tea is also known as Yunnan Black or Yunnan Red but as there are many different types of black/red teas produced in Yunnan it can be a little Read More


Honey Red Jade Tea from Golden Leaf Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Tea Where to Buy: Golden Leaf Tea Tea Description: Honey Red Jade Tea is a unique fermented black tea from the pristine hills of Taiwan. Hand-picked and processed, Honey Red Jade Tea is grown naturally to encourage the tea leafhoppers to feed on the tea leaves, producing a natural honey fragrance when the enzymes from the leafhopper interact with the tea plants. This tea brews to a dark caramel color with a sweet fragrance and refreshing taste. Honey Red Jade tea is irresistible when it is hot. It is even better when it is cooled. The unique Read More


Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Tea (Red Tea) Where to Buy: Teabook Tea Description: This is a one time purchase of our beloved teabook Subscription box without the renewing feature, makes a great gift! We purposely seek out high-elevation, quality tea from small farms that don’t use pesticides. Free glass tea tumbler 18 tea packets of two quality selected varieties 1 special collection tea packet Great tea wherever you go! Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Wild Black Tea Dian Hong from Teabook is a great tea.  Whether you call it a Black Tea or a Red Tea it’s Read More