Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me

Flavored Matcha. Yup! I will try just about any flavor. (As long as it’s vegan and this one is). So when I saw Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me I knew I had to spend some time with it. This not only has green matcha powder it also has natural raspberry flavor and pure cane sugar, too! I will say that I was able to taste the raspberry flavor AND the pure cane sugar right away. And I know this review will be a little backwards but I feel like I need to address the flavor right away this time around. Read More


Acai Raspberry Sencha from Tea Licious

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Green Where to Buy:  Tea Licious Tea Description: Sencha green tea with safflowers, acai berry and raspberry leaves. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: There are a few teas and/or ingredients (or flavors) in teas that just sort of make me cringe.  And for the most part, the cringe is unfounded, because, I end up enjoying the tea.  Acai is one of those ingredients.  I had a pretty bad experience with the acai berry at one point – it was way too sour and bitter for my liking – and since that one tasting, Read More