Raspberry Flavored Tea Anyone? #Tealightful

Raspberry flavors have always been my favorite, from the elementary school era blue manufactured kind of Jolly Ranchers to picking them straight from the vine in a rural southern town. Needless to say, my expectations for this tea were pretty high.

And what can I say? They were MET!

This tea seems unassuming in that it’s just a plain black base and the raspberry flavoring (and a few freeze-dried raspberries thrown in more for aesthetics) but wow, this is a solid blend. The assam is middle-of-the-road in terms of astringency and the raspberry is sweet, sour, and perfectly flavorful all at once. I had a bad experience with a berry-flavored tea a few months ago, so I did not think something like Fruity Raspberry would be my new go-to.

Alas, I blew through 4 ounces very quickly.

My default was to brew 1tsp/8oz for 3 minutes in boiled water. I added a touch of honey and it was on point! This also would be an incredible iced tea for the sweltering months up ahead.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy: Tealightful

Try this stunning dessert tea with a dash of milk and Amaretto Honey Stix. It’s a fresh and fruity blend of certified organic black tea, luscious freeze-dried raspberries, and natural organic compliant raspberry flavor.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Raspberry Rhubarb from Cup of Love. . .

Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Raspberry Rhubarb is a blended Green Tea and Black Tea Duo! The funny thing is I was thinking it was Strawberry Rhubarb but that’s because that used to be my favorite type of pie and I must be hungry for it. Raspberry Rhubarb is just as good and plus I have been gobbling up raspberries like they are going out of style lately!

Enough blabbing and on to the tea, eh? Sweet Slo-Sippin’ SimpliciTEA Raspberry Rhubarb is from Cup of Love. And I’m truly LOVING it!

The Sencha Green Tea is of medium strength and delicious! The Black Tea is second in line and knows how to play well with others. It’s more mellow and quite marvelous in its own right. The dried raspberry pieces are tasty-tart and yummy! The blackberry leaves give it a little extra something – a subtle herb taste. The trio of flowers: Sunflower, Safflower, and Jasmine round it out with a welcomed floral taste. It isn’t a bitter floral flavor but seems to tie everything together.

I have really enjoyed the Sweet Slo-Sippin Series Cup of Love is offering and looking forward to any new flavors they come up with!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Cup of Love

Down-homespun-goodness!  Imagine picking raspberries and rhubarb, and baking them into a delicious pie, and then pouring it into a tall glass of front porch, sun-brewed iced tea.  It‘ll knock your socks off!   That is…iffin’ you wearin’ any.

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A Geography Tea Lesson with Rockville Raspberry Black Tea from Charleston Tea Plantation. . .

They say that tea tastes different depending on the soil, weather, elevation, location, etc. Which always sounded silly to me, until I started really getting into tea. And now I’m all “this has a kick, probably a Darjeeling” or “malty! Assam, maybe!” My husband thought I was joking at first.

It’s not a joke. It’s DEAD SERIOUS.

This tea is AMERICAN tea. U-S-A! U-S-A! It has a raisin-y underbelly that I find a lot in black teas, usually Ceylon. Is South Carolina like Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in weather? To do some really rudimentary research, I pulled up a world map.

Sri Lanka is the little teardrop-shaped island by the bottom of India. It is essentially booping the Equator on the nose. South Carolina, on the other hand, is up by where “Bahamas” and “Haiti” are written. They don’t look like they have the same relationship to the equator, so the similarity in flavor profile is not explained that way. I’m all out of other ideas. Sorry.

I have temporarily made this map my computer desktop so I can consult it. This blog post, at the very least, might help me with my geography in the long run.

Back to the tea! It isn’t all black! There is also raspberry flavoring, which I feared would overpower the base , but totally didn’t. They coincided nicely, like kids in a sandbox that resisted throwing sand in each other’s eyes. (Kids’ violent, rapid-fire friendships and breakups frighten me a little.)

I’d say if you like straight blacks with a little something extra, try this. But if you’re looking for a straight sweet dessert, this might not be the thing for you. It might be very good iced, but I had it hot, and really enjoyed it that way.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Charleston Tea Plantation

Rockville Raspberry Tea is grown on the Charleston Tea Plantation in the Lowcountry near historic Charleston, South Carolina. It is only here that direct descendants of heirloom tea bushes, brought from China and India over 100 years ago, have been lovingly cultivated to make this tea. Enjoy the invigorating and great taste of Rockville Raspberry Tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Raspberry Champagne from The Love Tea Company. . . . .

I recently discovered The Love Tea Company  while I was online and  I was instantly enthralled with them.  Their website, their message, their mission, and their overall theme just struck a chord with me.

The Love Tea Company was founded with the idea that companies should give something back.  Using purposeful purchasing , The Love Tea Company is doing just that.  In the vein of companies like Tom’s Shoes, The Love Tea Company has built their company around supporting Mental Wellness.   Part of The Love Tea Company’s mission is to donate 25% of their net profit to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness, a foundation created by The Love Tea Company.

If you are interested in learning more about The Love Tea Company’s efforts to help bring awareness to Mental Wellness, keep an eye out on their social media accounts and website.  Since The Love Tea Company was founded in December of 2016, it appears they are in the beginning steps for both the foundation and tea company.  It will be interesting to watch them grow and get their message out.  Also to see the good they do with The Flagg Foundation.  Mental Wellness  affects or has affected so many people in so many different ways.  To see a company trying to send such a positive message through tea is amazing and one that I’m going to help as much as I personally can.

I’ve personally already placed an order to send out some of their #TeaItForward  boxes to friends and family members just to brighten their days and show I care and am thinking of them.  It’s a wonderful service and I hope these boxes bring a smile to the recipient’s faces.

So, now that we’ve chatted a bit about the mission behind this tea company, let’s chat about their tea.   The first tea I thought I would try was their white flavored tea, Raspberry Champagne.  Raspberry is a tricky flavor.  Do it right and you have a wonderfully sweet yet tart and tangy flavor that sings. Do it wrong and you are left with a bland flavorless brew.

First whiff of these tea leaves and I was drooling.  There was a definite jammy berry aroma with a sweetness mingled in.  I was quick to get my kettle prepping my water at 195 and allowed my tea to steep for 3 minutes.  I haven’t had a flavored white tea in a while so this particular tea was really calling my name.  After allowing the tea to cool for a few moments, I took my first sip.

Juicy tart raspberries with a sweet finish and a soft floral touch in a cup.  That is how I would describe this tea. I can’t really speak to the champagne flavor but it has been a really long time since I’ve had any champagne.  This is one of those flavored white teas that actually packs quite a bit of flavor.   Fresh, crisp, and on point with a gentle soft side.  Just delicious.

I went for a second steeping but this go around, I allowed the tea to steep for 6 minutes. I have to say, letting the tea steep longer is the way to go . All the flavors really pop and work so well together.   I made quick work of my second cup and went on to my third.

Greedily, I want to gobble all of this tea up and try what I have left of  my sample of this tea in a cold brew, because I can only imagine how the flavors would pop, sing, and make my taste buds happy . . . but alas . . .I will wait to enjoy the remainder of what I have left of this tea with my dad and sister-in-law.  I know they would both enjoy this tea as much as I have. . . and I think that sort of sharing experience is exactly what The Love Tea Company is going for.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White Tea
Where to Buy:  The Love Tea Company

Our White Raspberry Champagne is a great alternative to the real thing!  Our wine inspired blends create a character so versatile you’ll get all of the fun of a “fancy drink” without the boozy qualities.   The pairing of champagne and raspberry flavors dates back centuries and we’ve mastered it here . You won’t be disappointed this is a luxurious treat any day of the week.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Passion Berry Jolt from Tiesta Tea. . . . .

This tea is FIERCE. It’s a black tea with super-vibrant raspberry/passionfruit flavor. The tea is robust. The flavor is spiky. The flower petals are lovely.

You know how Rihanna had that red hair for a while? And it was really hot and bright and worked on her? That is this tea. It’s like Rihanna, turned into a tea. It’s a fast-paced hip-hop album of a tea.

This tea will not mince words with you and tell you that the dress works when it does not.

This tea will not pretend to like that guy you’re dating if he’s a wasteoid.

This tea will show up when you are sick with the entire boxed set of Sex and the City and a bottle of booze. For herself. She’d stay all weekend.

This tea will stand up for you.

This tea will pay for the entire check while you’re in the restaurant bathroom.

This tea is the spunky best friend we all wish we had. In liquid form.

Give it a try.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Tiesta Tea

It may look robust, but this tea is light on its feet and has grabbed raspberry for a dance partner. If you need the energy of a black tea but want that fruity flavor, cut in and give this a whirl.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!