Coconut Tea from CAcafe. . . .Something Different To Check Out!

Walking through Costco the other day, I stumbled upon a product that I found intriguing. CAcafe Coffee.. . .A coconut coffee powder basically.  I know that coconut is good for digestion so I thought about grabbing it but our cart was so full, I figured I’d grab it next shopping trip. Low and behold, a week later I was chatting with a very nice representative of CAcafe about their Black Friday deals.  Next thing I know, they shipped a canister of their CAcafe Coconut Tea for me and the rest of the sisters to check out. This tea is a Read More


Original, Green Tea +C from Sen Cha Naturals

Original, Green Tea +C from Sen Cha Naturals is something pretty TEAriffic in my book and for SEVERAL reasons, too! You see – Original, Green Tea +C from Sen Cha Naturals – is a Vitamin C Daily Wellness Drink Mix made from whole food ingredients. 1 of those ingredients – and the very first ingredient – I must add – is Matcha Green Tea! Upon opening the individual serving sized packet I saw that it looked like matcha powder, smelled more mellow with a speck of ginger, and then I got a little bit on my finger tip. I just Read More