Vanilla Latte Tea from Plum Deluxe. . ..

There was a while there during my tea journey that I was terrified of cardamom. Sometimes it has this overwhelming flavor that can get really old, really fast. When I saw this vanilla latte tea, which was previously named Cardamom Vanilla Creme, I was a little intimidated by the cardamom. I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but i’m definitely glad that I gave it a chance.

The main component here is definitely the vanilla. It smells fluffy and creamy and tastes even more so. The second component is a mixture of the cardamom and black tea. The black tea is strong but smooth. If you’ve never tried cardamom before, the best way to describe it is an herbal-y/citrus-y spice. Its not “hot” or “spicy” per se. To me it is more so herbal/grassy tasting, but it can sometimes make cinnamon and nutmeg taste spicy and it can be overwhelming depending on what it is mixed with. In the case of Vanilla Latte Tea, however, it is spot on!

There is something about vanilla and cardamom together that truly makes me wonder why there aren’t more teas that utilize this brilliant combination. The vanilla is sweet and creamy, and the cardamom is herbal with a slight hint of citrus. It doesn’t need anything else and I love how the blender let the vanilla and cardamom shine on top of the black tea and honeybush. This blend is truly dreamy and is highly recommended by yours truly.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea/Honeybush
Where to Buy: Plum Deluxe

Vanilla tea lattes are the comfort food of tea lovers. It’s one of our personal favorites, so we’ve created a tea that is a delightful balance of sweet and spice, perfect for latte time. The base is a fresh black Ceylon tea paired with our favorite nutty honeybush tea, and topped with the lightest touch of creamy, dreamy vanilla extract.

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Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe

Midnight Melange – Midnight Melange – Midnight Melange…say THAT 10 times fast! Midnight Melange is just FUN to say, isn’t it? Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe is also TASTY to sip on, too!

Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe contains Black Tea, Hibiscus, Lemon Peel, Rosehips, Rose Petals, and Vanilla. The black tea base is medium strength. It has a tarty-tang of the hibiscus but I have to say it’s NOT overdone, thankfully! The lemon peel cuts the tart from the hibiscus a bit and I like that. The vanilla prevents it from not being too citrusy or too tart, overall. The rose does seem to give it a hint of floral flavor but it’s underneath and in the background.

Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe DOES brew dark. It smells like a tart black tea with rose which totally makes sense based on the ingredients! The end sip and aftertaste – especially after naturally cooling at room temperature for a while – are that of lemon peel and I absolutely LOVE the way that peel lingers.

I do really like this Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe. If I wanted this for a first-of-the-morning tea to smack me in the face I would love the black tea base to be more prominent but overall it is a nice flavored black. And other companies should take note as to how this specific tea worked with hibiscus! Nicely done…NOT overdone at all…just the way hibiscus SHOULD be but rarely is.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Plum Deluxe 

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