Vanilla Latte Tea from Plum Deluxe. . ..

There was a while there during my tea journey that I was terrified of cardamom. Sometimes it has this overwhelming flavor that can get really old, really fast. When I saw this vanilla latte tea, which was previously named Cardamom Vanilla Creme, I was a little intimidated by the cardamom. I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but i’m definitely glad that I gave it a chance. The main component here is definitely the vanilla. It smells fluffy and creamy and tastes even more so. The second component is a mixture of the cardamom and black tea. Read More


Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe

Midnight Melange – Midnight Melange – Midnight Melange…say THAT 10 times fast! Midnight Melange is just FUN to say, isn’t it? Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe is also TASTY to sip on, too! Midnight Melange Black Tea from Plum Deluxe contains Black Tea, Hibiscus, Lemon Peel, Rosehips, Rose Petals, and Vanilla. The black tea base is medium strength. It has a tarty-tang of the hibiscus but I have to say it’s NOT overdone, thankfully! The lemon peel cuts the tart from the hibiscus a bit and I like that. The vanilla prevents it from not being too citrusy Read More