Green Tea Chai by Vahdam Teas

Steeped with a heaping tablespoon of leaves at 175 degrees in about 1 cup of water. This tea was a new experience for me! I’ve tried lots of flavored green teas, but never one where the green tea was a substitute for black tea in a chai blend. As a result of this tea, I’ve realized how different these spices are outside of a conventional chai context and how much I take the black tea base for granted in chai blends! As it steeps, I can detect a fragrance of spices; it smells like cinnamon and possibly cloves. The tea Read More


9 Spice Chai Black Tea from M&K’s Tea Company

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  M&K’s Tea Company on Etsy Tea Description: Could it be? A perfectly balanced chai tea? Yes, we know chai means tea and we are saying tea tea. But we like tea tea. Anyway. 9 Spice Chai is a smooth, deep, and complex black tea with just enough spiced flavor to penetrate the Indian and Sri Lankan black teas. Finally, a cup of chai that isn’t literally a cup of cloves or a cup of cinnamon nutmeg! Rejoice! This blend is part of the Original 20 M&K’s Blends. Learn more about this tea Read More


Pumpkin Chai Blend from 52Teas

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  Zoomdweebies Tea Description: This week’s tea is a new blend of Indian, Ceylon and Chinese whole leaf teas with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, and organic pumpkin flavors. If this doesn’t get you in the mood for fall, nothing will. Learn more about this blend here. Taster’s Review: I know that 52Teas was planning on working on a new black tea base to use with their black tea blends – I wonder if this is the blend?  It’s a little difficult to judge a black tea blend when it’s in a chai Read More


Winter White Chai from Simple Loose Leaf

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  White Where to Buy:  Simple Loose Leaf Tea Description: A soft, delicate version of traditional Indian chai, Winter White Chai features our fine Shou Mei white tea amongst the backdrop of customary chai spices, with one surprising addition: coconut. Delicious served in the traditional chai manner with milk and sugar or untouched for a more simplistic and delicate cup. Learn more about this tea here. Learn more about Simple Loose Leaf’s NEW Selection Club subscription program here. Taster’s Review: I love the aroma of the dry leaf of this Winter White Chai from Simple Loose Leaf.  It smells Read More


Chaz’ Chai Organic Black Tea Blend from Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Black Where to Buy:  Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants Tea Description: This flavorful and zesty blend is our own recipe – Assam black tea is mixed with carefully hand-roasted spices to provide a delightful twist on an Indian tradition. Try simmering in milk with a touch of honey. Learn more about this chai here. Taster’s Review: Mmm!  I’m having a chai latte! This Organic Chaz’ Chai Black Tea from Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants makes a seriously good latte!  It is good and spicy, and it is still spicy after I added the milk … I love that Read More