Jasmine Pearls from My Tea Guy. . . .

Floral teas done just right can really deliver an experience like no other tea can.  There is something so romantic, so alluring, so down right comforting about having a floral tea that delivers.  And after the last few weeks of constant meetings and trainings, I needed some comforting.

So while I was organizing my stash I saw this delight that had gotten stuck behind a few other blends.  Jasmine Pearls are typically a tea that I gobble up eagerly so to say the excitement was real would be an understatement.

Brewed with water prepped right around 175 and steeped for about well, the tea is still steeping because I’m using my Wall mug (from Boreal Wildcraft- do yourself a favor, check out this mug and get one. Game Changer!)  Even with the tea constantly steeping, this tea is simply perfection.  Soft subtle green tea notes mingle with stronger floral flavors to present this romantic combination that I have fallen in love with yet again.

What I adore most about this tea is that even with using this unique brewing vessel, the tea is not overwhelming or giving me that really overpowered floral note that makes the tea too harsh to enjoy.  Each sip is just providing so much enjoyment and allowing me to really dive into the tea while enjoying watching the tea sit at the bottom of the mug.  Simple, beautiful, and comforting.  All the attributes you want to find in a good cuppa tea.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:   My Tea Guy

Jasmine Pearl tea is a fragrant, refreshing tea made by combining jasmine flower blooms with green tea leaves. The flowering jasmine plant originated in Persia and was brought to China around 300 A.D. Tea scented with jasmine became popular during the Song Dynasty between 960 and 1270 A.D.


Our Jasmine Pearls are hand-rolled under the supervision of tea master LIN ZHENG KAN (The fourth generation tea family descendant). The spring picked tea leaves are hand-rolled into pearls and then dried until summer when they are blended with unopened jasmine flowers which bloom overnight, releasing their aroma into the tea. The flowers are then removed and the process is repeated several times.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Red Dragon Pearls (Black Dragon Pearl Tea) from Teasenz

I LOVE a good, solid Dragon Pearl so when I saw Red Dragon Pearls (Black Dragon Pearl Tea) from Teasenz was VERY eager to try it! The company says it’s an unusual black tea that is hand-rolled but I am certainly familiar with it as it’s one of those black teas I tend to look for!

I found that the aroma of this Red Dragon Pearls (Black Dragon Pearl Tea) from Teasenz – DRY – was that of a wine and/or berry scent and it was marvelous! Wet – the aroma is a different story! It smells like a genuine autumn day with wet, sweet woodsy notes, leaves, and even some dark chocolate and/or cacao nib aroma thrown into the mix!

I grabbed 5 ‘balls’ and infused them in my strainer and let ‘brew’ for about 4 minutes. I probably could have went with 4 ‘balls’ at about 3 to 4 minutes and I would have gotten a completely different cuppa but I will base my review on this for now.

The flavor of Red Dragon Pearls (Black Dragon Pearl Tea) from Teasenz is certainly in the strong category which I really like! I can absolutely pick up on a cacao nib-like taste to it along with the woodsy and earthy notes. It’s VERY malty – again – something I LOVE. The end sip and aftertaste has dark chocolate notes that linger, too! YES! You could say I enjoyed this tea and hope to enjoy another cup soon!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Teasenz

An unusual black tea hand-rolled into pearls. This fantastically bold brew offers up all the flavors of a crisp autumn day with just one pearl. With complex malty flavors and a clean sweet finish.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Tangerine Jasmine Pearls Green Tea from Liquid Proust Teas

TangerineJasmineTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Liquid Proust Teas

Tea Description:

Ingredients: Jasmine pearls, tangerine (very small amounts), flavoring

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Again, thanks to Andrew at Liquid Proust Teas for the sample.

I’m a big fan of tangerines (currently there are about seven in my fridge), so I’m definitely excited to try this blend especially given how much juicy tangerine I’m smelling just from the dry leaf. I decided to cold brew my sample because for jasmine teas with a green base I prefer drinking them cold over hot.

I definitely think this comes off as a pretty traditional green jasmine pearl tea; a good balance of both floral and vegetal flavours. It’s definitely one of the better green jasmine blends I’ve had as well given how natural and unobtrusive the floral notes are. However the tangerine, which is the twist here, is pretty light handed. The sweet citrusy tangerine note really only pops up at the end of the sip when the jasmine is dying out, leaving for a tasty finish but slight feeling that this tea is uncompleted. I know that Andrew was aiming to be subtle with the tangerine but it is more gentle than I’d anticipated it being.

However, overall I really appreciate the unconventional take on a traditional tea. I also have to point out that as someone who isn’t a fan of green/jasmine pairings I’m obviously not the target audience and I was probably looking for that additional tangerine flavor more than someone who likes green jasmine teas on their own would have.

Yunnan Gold Pearls Tea from Canton Tea Co.

gold yunnan pearlsTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Canton Tea Co.

Tea Description:

These attractively gold-flecked, marble-sized black tea pearls have been hand-rolled from high-grade Yunnan Gold leaf tea into perfectly compressed spheres. They make a delicously smooth, medium-bodied brew. Each pearl weighs around one gram, so use just two or three in a small teapot. Made in Fen Qing, in Yunnan, they are ideal at work or on holiday.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve been reviewing tea for a long time and while my time as a tea reviewer is about to come to an end (but I’ll talk more about that later!), in the years that I’ve been reviewing tea, one thing that has never gotten old for me is receiving a package of tea in the mail.  There are few things that elicit as much joy for me as receiving a parcel of tea.

And my excitement was doubled when I opened my package from Canton Tea Co. and found that it included a sampling of their Yunnan Gold Pearls!  I love pearl teas as it is, but I have a special fondness for black pearls because – well, I guess because they’re awesome!

The flavor that comes from black pearl teas like this one is outstanding.  Sweet and smooth.  No bitterness and very little astringency.  It has a heartiness to it which surprised me given how short a time I steeped the pearls.  Some malt notes as well as notes of cacao and caramel.  I taste a distinct note of stone fruit as well.  Quite yummy!

I steeped my first infusion of the pearls for just 2 minutes and the cup is incredibly smooth and very flavorful.  It surprises me just how much flavor it has after steeping for 2 minutes.  The pearls had not completely unfurled so you know I’m going to resteep!

My second infusion was even more flavorful than the first – which is quite unusual when it comes to most black teas!  But not with these Yunnan Gold Pearls!  The flavor is still rich and flavorful.  I’m tasting more notes of  earth this time around and lovely hints of peppery spice.  I still get those lovely notes of caramel and cacao and a beautiful malty tone.

Truly a treasure, these Yunnan Gold Pearls!

Dragon Lychee Pearls Black Tea from Tealyra

DragonLycheeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Tealyra

Tea Description:

Well rounded, sweet, mellow and flavorsome, our Lychee tea is an exotic and enticing taste sensation! Ripe, fruity and aromatic, Lychee is delicious either served hot, or chilled and served over ice with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I have some fond memories of lychee throughout my childhood, and these Dragon Lychee Pearls from Tealyra (known to my Canadian friends as Tealux) intrigued me, and for the price, I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I decided to take this to work with me, but conveniently forgot to bring any type of brewing vessel along with it. No problem! This type of tea is perfect for Grandpa Style brewing. Any kind of tea rolled into balls, cones or compressed into coins, bird nests, or squares make excellent lazy brew teas. It’s these types of visually entertaining teas that I like to show off to my coworkers. sure most of them think that there is some kind of sea urchin living at the bottom of my cup, but hey, it gets them talking about tea! I threw in 6 little pellets of deliciously scented black tea into a pint glass and poured hot water over it. It didn’t look like that much tea in the glass, but the flavor was not lacking in that department.

The fruit flavoring is pretty true to a fresh, juicy lychee. It’s exactly like any lychee jelly candy you can pick up at your local Asian market. The black tea base is lighter than I was expecting, but I still get that nice, fresh baked bread and cocoa powder notes I was hoping for. The leaves popped open almost immediately after I doused them in water, revealing long and sturdy brown leaves. I was able to refill my glass three times before the leaves gave up the ghost.

This was a great tea that takes to any method of preparation really well. I liked how the tart perfume of the lychee notes persist through many steepings, and the base black tea is mellow but defined. I’m hard pressed to find a better lychee tea, and this is the most unique one yet. This tea is like entertainment for your mouth!