Peach Crostata Yunnan Tea from A Quarter to Tea. . . .

I have never had a peach crostata. After having this tea, I sure would like to have some.

I have never had a peach crostata. After having this tea, I sure would like to have some.

I have had several peach teas and some are candy-like and some have a high, thin alcohol note from peach flavoring as it tries to mimic fresh peaches. This tea was all baked peaches and warmth, oven roasted deliciousness and heavenly scents. The tea had really nice body to go with the baked vibe, so you really know you are drinking TEA and good base at that.

The most surprising thing about this tea was that we re-steeped it for four minutes…and it was great. The color was still good and only slightly lighter than the first steep. The tea base still gave out lots of flavor and the peach was there, too. Then…another steep a good as the second. Then….how can it be? A fourth steep from that same original teaspoon of leaf came out just as tasty and still had lots of peach flavor. Even on steep four there was no doubt that we were drinking a peach tea. At no point did I taste really strong anise. Perhaps I didn’t get a piece in my infuser but I didn’t miss it, although I like anise and would not have objected to anise flavor being more prevalent.

Lots of teas re-steep pretty well, but usually the flavor either of the tea base or of the flavorings diminishes so much that the latter cups don’t have a huge resemblance to the first. The staying power of this tea was really impressive. Heck, I may even try for infusion number five!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea

A take on a late medieval version of a peach crostata, with warming spices and a rich peach flavor.

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Peach Habenero Salsa from A Quarter To Tea. . . . .

My stepdad is the hot sauce king. The man can handle heat. I don’t do too bad but he is a beast. The rest of my family…not so great with spice. So, when my sister and I were at the One of a Kind show not too long ago and we were looking to get my step dad some hot sauces, it was put on me to try them out. Habeneros were just the tip of the iceberg…well, more like a volcano. One particularly hot concoction was made by a farmer that crossbred peaches with hot peppers and that really took me by surprise. Funny enough, the vendors all kept telling me that I had some incredibly high tolerance for spice which means I guess I kept my cool but at some point I was dying inside. Nonetheless, spice is relative and I have yet to find a “spicy tea” that truly took my back. Let’s see how this goes.

Alright so its no hybrid peach/pepper level of spice but there is a slight tingle from the heat that hits the back of your throat. It’s actually got a nice sweet heat flavor with the juicy peach that sets in just before the habenero/ginger surprises you. I think what actually is an understated player here is the cucumber. The peach melts away to the cooling cucumber which, to me, is what paves the way for the spice to pop. It’s the bridge needed to bring the peach and habenero together and it fills this role beautifully.

Of the spicy teas I have tried,this has more of a kick than others. In fact, I even got my stepdad to try it out who said he liked the habenero flavor. However, the spice is kept in check by the other components in the tea making for a well-rounded and tasty beverage. If you want to burn your face, this won’t do that for you but if you want a delicious tea, well you’ll find that here.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: A Quarter To Tea

This tea is SPICY!

Sweet peach, with cooling cucumber, a touch of tart hibiscus and ginger and habenero pepper flakes make a tea that is excellent both hot and chilled. Guaranteed to warm your tastebuds up this winter.

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August Peach Green Tea from Simpson and Vail. . . .

Apparently peaches in august are sweeter than other times of the year. I didn’t know this until now. Learn something new everyday, right? I really enjoy the mix of peach flavor and green tea. Theres something really crisp and refreshing about them together that reminds me of springtime air. This tea in particular tastes just like spring, to me.

There are two peach teas that are my favorite right now, both of them come from Anne’s brilliant blends over at 52 Teas- Peach Cardamom Green Tea and Peach Cheesecake Honeybush. Both of them are just sensational. Unfortunately all of 52 Teas’ are limited edition and you have to act fast before they are gone (re-blend! re-blend! re-blend!). So, I have been on the hunt for a good peach flavored replacement. This August Peach Green Tea sounded like it had potential. According to Simpson and Vail, in Vietnam peaches are an indicator of the coming of spring and symbolize peace and happiness. Apparently, peaches that are grown later in the season have a sweeter and more delicate flavor.

My first recognition when I examined the dry leaf was that it didn’t include chunks of peaches. While I realize that most flavor actually comes from flavoring opposed to dried fruits, I still like to see them in my blends. Anyways, I moved forward and brewed myself a cup. I wasn’t getting an overwhelming peach scent. I mostly could just smell the green tea with maybe a hint of peach if you’re looking for it. I’m not sure if I would say that the taste was overwhelmingly peachy either…but that’s not to say that this isn’t good. The first flavor I noticed was the green tea- buttery, grassy, and crisp. Next was the agave I added to the cup. Last was the peach. Even though peach was the last flavor I detected, it was so spot on! The aftertaste of this tea left me feeling as if I had just taken a bite out of a fresh peach! The flavor was so realistic and fresh, I really enjoyed it. This is a light tea and it would be fantastic iced in the middle of summer. I enjoyed the flavors of the green tea mingling with the fresh August peach flavor. Although I don’t think that this beat my other favorite peach teas, it definitely is at the top of my list! A total must try if you like peach and definitely if you like green tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Simpson and Vail

Peaches are from a deciduous tree that is native to China. Cultivation spread throughout the world and today major supplies of peaches come from America, China, Italy and Greece. Peaches and peach trees have long histories of symbolism in Asia; in China, peaches are considered a symbol of long life, in Korea they are considered symbols for happiness, wealth and longevity and in Vietnam peaches herald Spring and symbolize peace and happiness.

Peaches have a delicate, intoxicating aroma and a heavenly taste. The peaches grown later in the season, in August and September, have a sweeter more delicate peach taste. This green tea blend has the underlying taste of a sweet, Chinese green with the refreshing taste of sweet peaches. Summer tastes all in one cup!

Ingredients: Green tea, marigold petals and sweet august peach flavoring.

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Sweet Mango Peach Tea from Gypsy Soul Tea . . . . .

I have been on an iced tea kick lately. My friend got me an iced tea press and it is my new obsession.

Consequently, I am going through fruit teas like crazy. That is why when this sample arrived, I jumped at the chance to steep it up.

Made with apple, hibiscus, pineapple, peach, papaya, lemon peel, and natural flavors, but no mango to be found. Sipping on it now, it’s flavor is quite subtle and light. There is no tartness from the hibiscus which could be a plus for many but that also seems to be a side effect of lack of overall flavor. What I am getting is a generic fruitiness that leans slightly towards stonefruit. The apple base and dried fruit is contributing a bit of waxiness as well that you sometimes get with fruit blends.

Personally, I am not a fan because I find myself wanting more. More mango, more peach, more flavor. It is not bad but at the end of the day, it is underwhelming.

However, Gypsy Soul Tea has many other offerings to choose from and though this is the first I have tried of this company, I would be interested to see what else they have.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  Gypsy Soul Tea

This sweet, peachy temptation, is made from all natural fruit and herbs. Naturally caffeine free, this tea is great for the kids and anyone avoiding caffeine!
Try it iced or with a splash of ginger ale for an extra treat!

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, pineapple, peach, papaya, lemon peel, natural flavors

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Passion Peach Tea from Teavery. . . .

This tea managed to work its way into the bottom of my tin, lying in wait until the perfect moment. Today was such a moment. I’ve been vaguely dizzy and tired all day (I think my medication levels might be wonky) and drank this with lunch, iced.

Boom. Back on point. Full precision. This is my sipping companion in its Giant 30 Oz Water Bottle of Super Hydration and Daylong Peeing. I am very awake and able to concentrate again. My typing is loud. I am a laser-beam of focus.

This blend is a zippy peach black with saucy berry and zesty citrus notes. There’s something about it that sticks in the mouth even after you’ve swallowed. Something sweet. I think it’s the rose hips or passionfruit. Oh, and the black tea. There’s a lot of caffeine in this. It may give you a heart attack. But you’ll love it.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black & Rooibos
Where to Buy: Teavery

Teavery offers four monthly teas each month in their subscription plan. Check out what all they have to offer in the link below.

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