Spritz of Glitz from Tea and Tins. . .

What attracted me to this tea was the little silver candies. I’m sucker for sprinkles!

This was a very striking blend with the silver gleaming against the dark green tea leaves. While the name of the blend is ‘pear,’ the dry blend and wet leaves had more of a peach aroma to me. If you are familiar with Sour Peaches, it smelt like that!

However, when I went in to sip the liquor, I got a whiff of pear. There was a rich pear flavour from the liquor as well. Since the blend leaned towards sweet, it reminded me of pear candy instead of freshly picked pears. I kept getting a mixture of pear and peaches in my mouth.

This yellow liquor tea is for pear (and peach) lovers!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  Tea and Tins

Ingredients: green tea, succulent peach and fresh pear with a glitzy spritz of sparkling sugars!

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Peach Iced Green Tea from LeCharm. . . . . .

It’s rare if I purchase a bottled iced GREEN tea in a store. Usually because I find most of them have added and unnecessary ingredients in them and/or sweeteners. Many of you know that I drink my teas straight-up with nothing added. So when I try a tea that is something other than “unsweetened” it just tastes so ‘OFF’ to me.

When I saw this Peach ICED Green Tea product from LeCharm arrive I was a little nervous. I was assuming it would have those ‘things’ I dread in bottled and store bought teas. But you know what they say about ASSUMING things, right?

Plain and simple this product has a goal of providing you with a brewed iced tea taste in 3 seconds or less. All I did was mix with about 8 ounces of cold water. Altho you can mix with Hot/Cold/Iced Water and can try it with 6 to 10 ounces of water. They suggest you shake well if mixing with Cold/Iced water. And remind you mixing with less water if a stronger taste preferred.

I thought I would go middle of the road with this first attempt and I have to say I was blown away with how natural it tasted! It tasted like a medium-strong green tea with a little bit of peach in there! SUCCESS!

Ingredients include 100% natural Green tea and peach extract. That’s it! It’s Calorie Free, Residue Free, and Sugar Free! No Additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Just open the bag, pour in cold or hot water, and enjoy your tea.

How EASY is that? EASY…I tell ya! It’s super convenient and DARN TASTY, too!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  LeCharm

Ingredient: 100% natural Green tea and peach extract

Calorie Free* Residue Free* Sugar Free*

No Additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

Open the bag, pour in cold or hot water, enjoy your tea.

Exquisite taste and perfectly blended with few ice cubes, cool chilled and will be extremely delicious.

  • Rich Source of Antioxidant and Fiber
  • Cooling& Refreshing
  • Toxin Cleanser
  • Weight Control

The iced peach green tea contains polyphenols, caffeine, theanine and other active ingredients with antioxidant, providing healthcare to our body, such as anti-aging, aiding weight loss, promoting beauty, and preventing cardiovascular and other health effects.

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Spritz of Glitz from Tea & Tins

Whenever I’m looking around for a new tea to add to my collection, if I see sprinkles-its like I can’t click fast enough to get that tea blend into my cart!

This is exactly what happened when I came across Spritz of Glitz, a tea from a company that I’m really starting to enjoy.  This tea is chalk full of pear and peach pieces and silver and gold balls all on a bed of green tea. I’m also noticing a few rose petals here and there.  Quite a striking dry leaf mix for sure.

First whiff of the dry leaves from Spritz of Glitz and there is for sure a stone fruit vibrant note.   There is also an almost candy fragrance as well.  I wasn’t so sure about the candy notes but I really wanted those stone fruits to come across after steeping.

Brewed up by the recommended parameters on the pkg-176F and allowed to steep for about 3 minutes, a gorgeous golden liquor awaited me to try. Took my first sip and was completely taken over by those ripe stone fruit notes I was really yearning for along with a buttery richness and slight vegetal note. This tea really works well and doesn’t come across as candy while enjoying.  Which I was afraid of.  Just the right amount of fruitiness paired with a rich green base.  I could almost compare this tea to having an almost wine like feel with the peach and pear notes.

If you enjoy flavored green teas, this one may be right up your alley!

I came across Tea and Tins while perusing the web for a new flavored tea company to try.  Tea and Tins was created by Lise because she was frustrated with the lack of original tea tins in America.  They offer quite an array of unique tins, which I am now a proud owner of, and teas that appear to be fresh and unique. With flavored tea offerings like PB & J, Hot Mama, and Thunderstorm-this company has my interests peaked.  I instantly put together an order.

A really lovely solid green flavored tea that is perfect for anytime.  I would love to try this tea as a cold brew and plan on doing just that. This may be a tea I ask Santa for more of this upcoming Christmas!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy: Tea and Tins


Loose leaf green tea, nicknamed Spritz of Glitz!

Ingredients: green tea, succulent peach and fresh pear with a glitzy spritz of sparkling sugars!



Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!