plum oatmeal

Plum Oatmeal Squares from A Quarter To Tea. . ..

Oh plum oatmeal squares, where art thou? Pastry, fruit, and vanilla tea- you’ve already won me over. I love anything that is described as having “pastry notes”. I am one of those people who could cook an entire slab of pastry dough, and just eat it with some cinnamon and sugar. I have loved pastry dough since I was a kid. I utilize it whenever possible in my cooking, and of course in my desserts. The name “Plum Oatmeal Squares” definitely peaked my curiosity. We’ve all had those Quaker Oatmeal Squares as a quick breakfast or snack, but how would Read More


Hindbaersnitter Shou Mei from 52Teas. . . . . .

Normally I am not a lover of Shou Mei blends. I find the base can get a little soapy at times. This tea definitely does not have that problem. Instead the base is buttery and maybe a touch floral, which in this case is working with the other flavors in the blend as opposed to working against them like so many other white teas/shou meis I have tried. The buttery element of the base helps to sell the concept of the pastry notes while the floral notes contribute to the raspberry flavor that really shines. Jammy and bright. On top Read More