Yellow Goddess of Mercy from Old Ways Tea . . .

This tea sample came to me in a crisp, red and gold package with simple, symbolic instructions and the tea’s name: Huang Guan Yin or Yellow Goddess of Mercy. With a name like that, it certainly felt special to crack the seal on the red and gold foil and pour the lovely dark tea leaves into my teapot.  The dry leaves smelled faintly musky, like newly-turned earth, but were otherwise very mild. I did a little more research on brewing tips beyond the information on the package and found that this is a wuji oolong, meant to be steeped for Read More


Green Dan Cong Oolong from Grand Tea

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Oolong Where to Buy:  Grand Tea Tea Description: 2014 Spring Limited Edition: Green Dan Cong Green Dan Cong is unusual light oxidized (approx.8%) and incredibly floral. The taste of it reminds of high grade green tea which is refreshing, pure and sweet. Because Green Dan Cong is so delicate and fresh, the best way to preserve the flowery aroma would be keep it air tight in the refrigerator. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: Mmm!  SO GOOD! This Green Dan Cong Oolong from Grand Tea is the best Dan Cong Oolong that I can remember ever tasting. Read More


Wild Yeti Oolong Tea from Nepali Tea Traders

Tea Information: Leaf Type:  Oolong Where to Buy:  Nepali Tea Traders Tea Description:   Our rare tea from Sandakphu has been oxidized longer than many Oolongs, producing a deep caramel color and taste. This is a rich, complex, full-bodied oolong unique to Nepal. Full-leaf, loose tea. Learn more about this tea here. Taster’s Review: When I received my package from Nepali Tea Traders, this tea in particular really grabbed my attention.  I love Oolong teas, and I love it when I find one from Nepal!  I’ve had only a handful of Nepalese Oolong teas and I’ve loved every single one of Read More


Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla from Tea for Life

Tisane Information: Leaf Type:  Rooibos Learn more about Tea of Life and Amazon Teas here. Tisane Description: South African Red Bush or Rooibos Tea is a pure and natural herbal blend.  Freshly harvested and finely chopped rooibos goes through a process of oxidation with the aid of the oxygen from the atmosphere and subsequently dried int he sun to produce a deep mahogany red cup of which is one of the most popular and healthy herbal drinks today. “Tea of Life” is proud to introduce five New Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos Teas combined with Dark Chocolate with delicious natural fruit and Read More


Rooibos Spice Tisane from Mint Tea

Tisane Information: Leaf Type:  Rooibos Tea Purchased from Mint Tea Product Available Online at Strand Tea Tisane Description: Rooibos Spice  Caffeine Free Herbal Tea. Organic Red Rooibos blended with Natural Cacao Bits, Ginger Pieces, Cinnamon Bark, Chicory Root, Barley Malt, Cardamom Pods, and Black Peppercorns. What a great winter tea! Rich & flavorful, sure to be a favorite treat any time of year. Taster’s Review: I bought this tisane when I visited the Mint Tea Shop in Vancouver, Washington some time ago.  I knew that they obtained some of their teas from Strand Tea, including this one. While some of the ingredients Read More