Orange Dream from Tea Taxi. . . .

I don’t usually love orange teas but the smell of them are certainly mouthwatering regardless. This tea, TeaTaxi’s Orange Dream, is no exception. A simple mix of oolong, orange peel, and flavor, I steeped up my whole sample in 190F water for 3 minutes. Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe it’s changing tastebuds. Whatever it is, I am actually quite enjoying this tea today. The orange scent of the dry leaf carries over to the scent of the brewed tea which in turn carries through the taste of the tea itself. The oolong compliments the orange flavor by providing Read More

Day 10: Banana TieGuanYin Oolong Tea. . . .52Teas Holiday Countdown

On the 10th Day of Christmas 52 Teas gave to me… Banana TieGuanYin Oolong Tea! We are nearing the end of our little tea-journey, folks, and I can’t help but feel sad. This box has truly consisted of an amazing bunch of teas and I just want to keep going! I have no regrets over purchasing this “advent calendar” and I had quite a few choices from other companies I shop with. This has been, by far, the most unique and satisfying. However, we aren’t quite done yet so here goes with Day 10!!! I love banana, especially when it Read More


Rose Chateau by The Love Tea Co

I steeped this tea at 200 degrees in about a cup of water for about four minutes. This is another selection from the Love Tea Company, who donates a quarter of their proceeds to mental health causes. Their teas also come in cute little reusable canisters! The dried leaf has rose petals and other flower petals too, it looks like. According to the ingredients list these could be hibiscus, calendula, or sunflower petals, which are all included in the blend! In addition, there’s green tea in here and some curled oolong bits and some pieces of dried fruit (which turn Read More

Winter Treat from 52Teas. . . .

I told my husband I’ve been borrowing his t-shirts sometimes, and he said that was “sneaky.” Later in the day, I told him I’m drinking a “Winter Treat” tea in August, and he said that too, was “sneaky.” I don’t think drinking a winter tea in September is sneaky; it’s more “ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT, MAAAAAAN.” I won’t let the seasons dictate what I drink, maaaaaan. I’ll wear white after labor day AT A WEDDING, maaaaan. Like a teenager who skims Marx after their history homework and uses that shaky grasp to buy a Rage Against The Machine album, maaaaan. BERNIE 2020. I don’t Read More

french toast oolong

French Toast Oolong from Steeped Tea. . . . .

My weakness is mystery bundles. There is just something irresistible about being surprised by mail that isn’t bills. I’m also a sucker for a sale. So when my Steeped tea lady, Nicole, told me my order qualified for a Mystery bundle of $100 worth of tea for just $20, you best believe I snatched it up! This was one of nearly a dozen teas inside! This delightful morning blend is literally the flavors of an entire breakfast in one cup. My cousin is big on the butter in coffee trend, and as much as I’m willing to try new things, I just Read More