Iron Buddha Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea

IMG_7998Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong Tea

Where to Buy: Oollo Tea

Tea Description:

A present from the loving Bodhisattva of Compassion. Tightly rolled, the full leaves unfurl to emit pleasant stone fruit and wild honey notes with a hint of roasted nuts.

Varietal: Iron Buddha
Grower Name: Wang Family
Location: Pinglin, New Taipei, Taiwan
Elevation: 500m
Harvest: 2014 Spring

Tea Review
“It’s sweet with notes of honey, nutty and toasty with a very pleasant peach-like flavor.  It’s very smooth with a silky mouthfeel.” –Soriritea Sisters

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Taster’s Review:

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea is from the Pinlin, New Taipei, Taiwan Region and grown by the Wang Family.  As you can see from the product description above this is the Spring 2014 Harvest and I must say that Iron Buddha Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea is a real winner!  I think it’s one of my FAVORITE Iron Buddha’s thus far!

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea is incredibly (yet naturally) sweet, juicy, and delicious!  If you like stone fruit – you may get a kick out of this one – because I agree with the description when it says it has notes of peach-like flavors floating about.  This tea was reviewed by Sororitea Sisters (Anne) before and I thought it was time for me to write about it as well.

The roasted notes, for me, are more of an undertone.  The peachy notes shine thru very nicely.  I have noticed, however, that if you cold brew or ice this tea the roasted notes pop up more in the middle to end sip.  This is also a nice tea for multiple infusions.  Just another reason I’m a fan of Iron Buddha Oolong Tea from Oollo Tea.


Red Jade Black Tea from Oollo Tea

oollo-teas-25Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Oollo Tea

Tea Description:

A perfect marriage between Burma Ashamu and Taiwanese wild tea. The long twisted whole leaves give distinct smooth raisin, date and cinnamon infusions with traces of peppermint.

Varietal: Taiwan No. 18
Curator: Yoshi Lo
Location: Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan
Elevation: 800m

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Taster’s Review:

Red Jade Black Tea from Oollo Tea has already been reviewed by Anne here at Sororitea Sisters but some teas are worth reviewing more than once.  This is one of those teas and I agree with Anne thoughts as to how AWESOME this tea is.  The following are my additional thoughts on this tea.

As for the aroma it’s one I truly adore in a black tea.  It’s toasty and date or raisin like.  The aroma matches the first sip of the cuppa, too.  I can certainly pick up on the raisin notes and paired with the dark, rich, carmelly notes it’s unlike anything I have ever tasted.  The end sip of the pipping-hot tea is a mish-mash of heavy, dark black tea flavors and a sugary syrupy type taste all in one.  Keep in mind there are NO flavors added to this tea!  This flavor is all from the leaf!  It’s all natural!

As I continue to sip the post-infused liquor cools with the room temperature – unassisted – and I notice the end sip morphs into something of a minty aftertaste that is very refreshing and welcomed.

No this isn’t ‘tea voodoo’ – folks – it’s just a mighty-fine tea that has levels and levels of complexity and for that I will appreciate it until the end of time.  This is a marvelously-fantastic Red Jade Black Tea that should be celebrated at every turn!

Honey Scented Black Tea from Oollo Tea

Honey-Scented-BlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Oollo Tea

Tea Description:

This is a luxurious black tea! Dark leaves and an amazing honey aroma. The body of this tea is round and feels smooth on the tongue. It has a very pure flavour profile. Delicious honey and natural caramel notes.

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Taster’s Review:

This Honey Scented Black Tea from Oollo Tea is a very interesting tea.  Here’s something that Amoda Tea has to say about it:

To keep with the oolong education. This is a curious black tea made from an oolong tea plant varietal that grows in Taiwan.

And when I opened the pouch and examined the leaves, I have to say that they have the big “bulky” look of a dark Oolong.

The flavor is much more like an Oolong tea than a black tea as well.  This reminds me of a Honey Oriental Beauty type of Oolong.  It doesn’t have that deep, “dark” flavor of a black tea, it has a the lighter, silkier flavor of an Oolong.

But that’s not a bad thing.  I love Honey Oolongs, and this tea tastes mighty fine!  It’s remarkably smooth with a light astringency.  I’m loving the honey notes.  The profile of this tea on Amoda’s website focuses on the “clean” and “pure” taste of this tea, and I find myself in agreement with the assessment.  Even though it has a beautifully sweet flavor, it’s a very crisp and clean sweetness, and the finish is very lightly sweet.

And one of the best things about this tea is that because it’s so “Oolong-esque” … it’s good for several infusions.  I highly recommend taking this tea through it’s paces – it’s definitely worth the effort.  An excellent tea from Oollo tea – via Amoda Tea – I’m glad this one was part of the tea tasting box this month.